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Post by Dan @ 01:02pm 05/08/13 | 4 Comments
The next instalment in the granddaddy first person shooter franchise Wolfenstein has been delayed into 2014, but the game was still on show to press at Bethesda's recent QuakeCon 2013 event in Dallas, and a few new screenshots from the game have since surfaced.

Wolfenstein: The New Order promises a more contemporary chapter on the tale of BJ Blazkowicz and the nazis of World War II, bringing the battle ahead into an alternate reality 1960s where history's favourite villains control the Earth. The game is being built on id Software's id Tech 5 engine, last seen in the visually-impressive Rage. Check out the new screens below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:39pm 05/8/13
wow looks amazing :) ill add to my collection for sure :)
Posted 04:45pm 05/8/13
Looks like I might Return... AGAIN!
Posted 04:51pm 05/8/13
Wasn't Nazi iconography banned in video games or something?
Posted 05:57pm 05/8/13
Only in Germany, where in Wolfenstein games they replace the swastika with the Wolfenstein logo, eg.:


German version:

Also note the Astronaut on the moon with his Nazi salute arm photoshopped out.
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