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Post by Eorl @ 11:18am 02/08/13 | 4 Comments
Square Enix CEO Phil Rogers has recently confirmed that a next-gen Tomb Raider is currenly in development, alongside a lengthy report that boiled down to Square Enix ensuring gamers that they are committing heavily to this next generation of gaming.

According to the note from Rogers, Square Enix is working on a number of next generation projects, "including Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, which were announced at this year’s E3, and Thief coming in 2014." The note also very briefly touched on the fact that a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel is well into development, and something that we presume will be revealed sooner rather than later.

Square Enix launched the newest Tomb Raider title in the franchise earlier this year to great success, with AusGamers rewarding it a 9 out of 10 in our review. Obviously with such a resounding success in a rebooted franchise, it is somewhat of a no brainer that Square Enix would be looking at continuing that success through to next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
First and foremost, we are a games company and today we devote most of our time and effort into developing new and rich gameplay experiences, worlds and characters. At the same time new business models have risen up, which we periodically will try to explore. I know this can be frustrating for some long-time fans of our games, particularly if it seems that we’re heading in unfamiliar directions without much in the way of explanation. Explaining our approach to these opportunities is something we’re working to improve on. That said, we need to experiment and adapt or it’s likely we won’t always be in a position to keep investing in the ways we need, to build-out our games and offer excellence to you, our gamers.

I can categorically say that we’re not abandoning core, triple-A console and PC games. We’re working hard at improving how we develop our games and how we release them, and I want to explain that in a little more detail.
As well as the very stern push that Square Enix aren't abandoning the next-generation market, Rogers also revealed that their senior teams in Americas and Europe are working on various platforms, including "cutting-edge tablet and mobile games (such as the recently released Deus Ex: The Fall), to live and online PC games (our now in beta Heroes & Generals)."

For those who may want to raise their concerns or questions, Rogers has welcomed feedback through his email address, though he can't promise he'll respond to every question. For the full letter you can find it over here which is a great read for those wanting to know how Square Enix plans on bringing its developers into the next generation of gaming.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:36pm 02/8/13
so anyone else happy bout this?

i picked up tomb raider in steam summer sale for like $17, ive finished the single player content %100 and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

it was IMO a well told story, and i hope the next one continues it.

it will probably get a full priced purchase if it looks as good as the first one, Lol.
Posted 05:49pm 02/8/13
i really enjoyed the first game so i'm happy they're doing a sequel. it didn't look good for a moment when it was revealed that it didn't get the (ridiculous) sales SE was hoping for.
Posted 06:10pm 02/8/13
dont think you reward a game with 9/10
Posted 08:16am 03/8/13
I'm pumped for this. I got Tomb Raider on steam sale too. Finished it. Great characters and story and fun game play. Looked amazing on max settings too.
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