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Post by Eorl @ 01:24pm 01/08/13 | 17 Comments
A new update has graced the path of Maxis' sim-city building theme park SimCity, offering up a number of changes including a new tool that will "create bridges, overpasses, and tunnels when you draw your roads."

According to the official forum post, when "building your road, pressing the comma key or period key will lower or raise the road accordingly creating overpasses, bridges and tunnels." Sadly however pre-existing roads can not be raised or lowered with this new tool, so you may have to start afresh to see the tools usage.

Other changes to the game include improvements for Traffic behavior to make it smarter, a tree tool to place trees around your city, sports parks are now accepting Sims 24 hours a day and a number of other usual bug fixes.

The new update is currently undergoing some testing and should be available shortly for players.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:25pm 01/8/13
i got back into it last week, but there still alot of issues with the game espeically with the working together. eg i have airport and some education upgraded etc. however my other city in that region cant see any of that. Just made spacestation and i mate who working in the same region cant see it.
Posted 03:50pm 01/8/13
Wow, this 'tool' should have been included from day 0. How on Earth a competent designer decided that such a 'tool' wasn't needed..

I'm still waiting for a patch that makes the game challenging and opens up city sizes. I haven't played this once 2 weeks after buying it, such a rip-off. :(
Posted 01:06pm 03/8/13
This road overpass/bridge building feature is one of two things I personally require before I can play the game again, the other is bigger city sizes, then the game would be playable again and back to being the addictive game it once was.
Posted 02:14pm 03/8/13
Sad to see they f***ed this one up so much.
Posted 02:51pm 03/8/13
Audi bro you know that no one here cares about your pc specs

just sayin'
Posted 03:01pm 03/8/13
you are clearly jealous of him, your parents can't afford to get you that computer
Posted 03:19pm 03/8/13
Audi bro you know that no one here cares about your pc specsjust sayin'

I have a Pentium 133, 16mb ram, 1.37gig hdd. You're jealous. Spoiler:
that was my first pc
Posted 03:23pm 03/8/13
that was my first pc too, man it struggled to run diablo

then we got a guy out who i am sure charged a f***load of cash to come and install another 16mb - diablo ran like a dream then

not sure if it was 8mb -> 16mb or 16 -> 32mb

but a cool story either way bros
Posted 03:25pm 03/8/13
Are we talking about first PCs we bought and built ourselves or are family PCs bought when we were kids included? Because my first ever PC was a 386 33mhz, 4mb of RAM (heaps for back then) and a 50mb HD. Doom 2 ran very slowly.
Posted 03:35pm 03/8/13
i was talking about the first family pc we got when i was like 12
Posted 04:41pm 03/8/13
I remember having a PC with a turbo button, I always wondered why you WOULDN'T turbo the s*** out of that button.
Posted 04:48pm 03/8/13
because it made the man in Kings Quest move too fast
Posted 06:01pm 03/8/13
Pfft, only noobs played Kings Quest at slow speeds.
Posted 06:20pm 03/8/13
Dont remember my first few PCs but i do remember my P3 650mhz that was the secondary pc my bro would use for LAN games. Good times. About UT2k4 or so was the time then i think.
Posted 09:37am 05/8/13
also made california games alot easier :)
Posted 09:46am 05/8/13
yeah first computer was P100 with 1gb HDD everyone told me i was crazy having HDD that big, then Flight Simulator 98 came out and took up 600mb of disk space
Posted 10:37am 05/8/13
I remember having a 486dx66 at some point, playing Commander Keen on that baby, along with a bunch of other random stuff.

I also remember getting my first Sound Blaster card, I lost my s*** with Ultima 7 intro with real speaking!

Also the old days of boot disks, XMS. Getting Doom to run with sound was fun.
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