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Post by Dan @ 09:05am 01/08/13 | 10 Comments
While fellow open-world action title Saints Row 4 continues to wrestle with Aussie classification, Rockstar Games flagship Grand Theft Auto V looks to have sailed comfortably into Australia's new adult videogames rating, with the Classification Board having designated the upcoming title with R18+.

The classifier's break-down lists "strong impact" checkmarks across the board in themes, violence, language, nudity, and sex, with only 'drug use' requiring the elevated "high impact" distinction.

Grand Theft Auto V is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:06am 01/8/13
Medicinal marijuana for all! Except the PC master race, sadly.
Posted 09:06am 01/8/13
is that a first in Australia? Hasn't every other GTA been knocked back at least once?
Posted 10:22am 01/8/13
Posted 10:35am 01/8/13
Good news, now get cracking on the PC release!
Posted 11:03am 01/8/13
Theres still time to change their minds about the rating.
Posted 11:21am 01/8/13

really? not since GTA II of course.

GTA III got banned and released with edited version
I think Vice City got RC due to prostitutes
San Andreas was pulled off the shelves due to hot coffee
90% sure GTA IV had problems as well.

at least, that's off the top of my head. that said, touch wood.
Posted 11:25am 01/8/13
so is there a way of knowing that R* haven't preemptively watered down the aussie version?
Posted 11:40am 01/8/13
really? not since GTA II of course.

gta4 was never banned. the console version submitted to the board was already edited so that it would pass. the pc version that was released a few years later was uncut and it made it through with an ma15+ rating. all versions of the game are now uncut.
Posted 12:14pm 01/8/13
Except the PC master race

guess it isn't such a master race then afterall eh
Posted 01:58pm 01/8/13
I hate our gutless rating system.
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