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Post by Eorl @ 02:38pm 31/07/13 | 5 Comments
Lucasfilm and Disney have been recently locking down a number of quite mysterious domain names according to an article on Blastr, resulting in fans scratching their head at what this could all mean.

Last week the two companies registered a handful of interesting domains, all based on a variation of the phrases "Star Wars Attack Squadrons", "Star Wars Attack Squads" and "Star Wars Squads". It is unclear whether this could have any indication of a new film, or if it could be a hint towards a new game title after the recent Electronic Arts acquisition for Star Wars game production.
It's worth noting that the last time we saw a mysterious slew of domain-name purchases from Lucasfilm, it turned out to be a videogame project, and that's definitely a possibility now with Electronic Arts taking over new Star Wars game production. But it's not the only possibility. There's always the chance that we'll see yet another TV show in the works soon, and of course Disney Parks has its own plans for new Star Wars attractions (can you imagine a Disney attraction where you get to fly a simulated X-wing?), so there are more than a few quite plausible places where "Attack Squadrons" could go.
It is worth noting though that none of these domains are currently active, though if a company is registering domains this frantically hopefully it means we'll hear about it sooner rather than later.

Let us know your thoughts on what this all could mean in the Comments below.

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Posted 03:24pm 31/7/13
I rode the latest ride in Disney Toyko (Star Tours: The Adventures Continue) in May this year and it was awesome. Hopefully a new one but to only wish it was in Australia also :)
Posted 10:25pm 31/7/13
Maybe one day they'll register a name relating to KotOR3!

Posted 11:51pm 31/7/13
Saw Star Tours at Anaheim Disneyland. It's super mind blowing, and the level of immersion in the scenes was astounding! I found out afterwards that each time you go on it the scenes are random too! Wish I could have gone on it again. I think they have it at Disney World in Florida too.
Posted 12:30pm 01/8/13
are you serious they change the movie ?? Nooo way man that sucks i hope they did not do that in Tokyo wow that is really depressing lol
Posted 12:34pm 01/8/13
Just had a look and OMG your right it has more than 50 wow ill have to go back heh heh
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