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Continuing their fortnightly content update trend, ArenaNet has unveiled the next slice of new additions to their expansive MMO in the style of a celebration of ten years of Queen Jennah’s rule. Players will find a number of events happening around Tyria, including a taxi-like hot air balloon service that will get you to Divinity’s Reach in no time.
Divinity’s Reach is preparing for a magnificent celebration! Her Majesty Queen Jennah of Kryta is commemorating the tenth year of her rule. This is no ordinary Jubilee – the Queen is using this occasion to celebrate the triumph of humanity over the troubles they’ve encountered. Abandoned by the gods, besieged by the vile Elder Dragons, humans have still found it in themselves to prosper. Prepare to join Queen Jennah and her subjects as they rejoice in their indomitable spirit!
New events will also be taking place alongside the campaign, including the opening ceremony that will have Queen Jennah opening a new gladiatorial arena for players to participate in. Other events include igniting beacons in a race course-like maze and the Crown Pavilion mini-zone that will have you competing to become champion of a nation.

As per usual with these content updates, several game changing plans are also set in motion for Guild Wars 2. Among the new changes includes an all-in-one account wallet for each individual currency found throughout the game, making it easily accessible across all characters on one account. A PvP solo queue will also be introduced into the game, allowing you to get right into the action of PvP matches in a competitive environment without gathering a full team or finding yourself fighting against a pre-formed group.

For full details on the upcoming changes, check out the detailed changelog over here. The Queen's Jubilee will begin on August 6th for all to participate in.

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