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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:22pm 30/07/13 | 26 Comments
We've been wanting to dabble in a podcast for a while here at AusGamers, but timing and resources have constantly been against us, so it was with open arms we took up the opportunity to be the new host to the GAP -- a podcast formerly at home on GameArena featuring the likes of Joab "Joaby" Gilroy, Luke "Crash" Lawrie and Jeremy "Junglist" Ray among various guests over their four-year tenure.

We kick off hosting duties with a v2 of a live podcast performed at PAX Aus that unfortunately didn't work out. Yours truly is involved in this shorter-than-usual conversation where the topic of PAX Aus, what games are doing the rounds among hosts and myriad tangents of basic geekdom are covered, and with great, sauced-up gusto I might add.

Click here to grab The GAP's AusGamers-hosted debut.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:15pm 30/7/13
Posted 04:20pm 30/7/13
So, why is it still called GAP if its not longer the GameArena Podcast :S
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:22pm 30/7/13
They've just decided to keep it as GAP. Everyone likes GAP right? Like, mind the GAP!!?? But yeah, we'll see if it stays around
Posted 04:25pm 30/7/13
So, why is it still called GAP if its not longer the GameArena Podcast :S

because it's named after the suburb, silly.
Posted 04:31pm 30/7/13
Gnar Ausgamers Podcast

and never got into podcasts before. might as well start somewhere.
Posted 04:44pm 30/7/13
Hey glynd, here's some choice extracts from a couple of previous GAPs that might give you an idea of what calibre this show is about:
Posted 05:25pm 30/7/13
Way to make me lose it at work hotcakes. Joab trying to convince the american girl he doesnt know what fruit is, classic.
Posted 05:27pm 30/7/13
Never heard of it,
Posted 05:27pm 30/7/13
Haha Hotcakes, that was brilliant. Will definitely be giving the podcast a listen.
Posted 06:29pm 30/7/13
Hey Ravnos were we playing Payday 2 earlier?
Posted 06:34pm 30/7/13
nope, i don't have it.
Posted 06:46pm 30/7/13
Hey Ravnos were we playing Payday 2 earlier?

You've changed man.
Posted 07:10pm 30/7/13 least the GAP hasn't changed
Posted 07:22pm 30/7/13
Why weren't you playing with me Audi I was looking for people to play with!
Posted 07:28pm 30/7/13
I pm'ed ya but no response. I'll be hitting it up all week. We'll have a game, plenty of time now you're on the dole ;)
Posted 07:44pm 30/7/13
Anything from GameArena needs to be summiliarily banned.
Posted 07:51pm 30/7/13
Jim weren't you a mod there :P
Posted 08:09pm 30/7/13
Posted 08:13pm 30/7/13
Jim weren't you a mod there :P

wrong jim
Posted 09:21pm 30/7/13
So, why is it still called GAP if its not longer the GameArena Podcast :S

Why not, we ran under 'Tribal News Network' yeaaaars after Tribes was basically dead and we were casting mostly Quake 3 CTF, CS and Starcraft.
Posted 09:50am 31/7/13
Luke didn't attach the Mad Max thingo. Slaque bastard.
Posted 10:14am 31/7/13
So is it listed in iTunes?

Say what you want about the PoS, it does podcasts well.
Posted 12:26pm 31/7/13
Awe cmon Jim, a man with your avatar should be cooler than that!
Goofball Antics
Posted 12:28pm 31/7/13
Dammit took me till my first post to realise I'd filled out the signup sheet wrong :(.
Posted 09:26pm 31/7/13
Here's to another 180+ episodes from the new home!

Edit: Nickname != user name. Damn it all!
Posted 08:02pm 01/8/13
Since there doesn't seem to be an easily accessible way to find if a new GAP has gone up, I've bookmarked this link:

Please ensure that any future GAP postings has the podcast tag also.
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