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Ubisoft has unveiled a handful of new screenshots for their pirate-themed title Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, giving us a look at the multiplayer modes that will be accompanying the single-player action. Taking the forefront in the shots include the playable Puppeteer and The Dandy, who sports an eyepatch and quite a dashing outfit.

Also among the new screenshots is a look at the revamped lobby system, which shows off a fair amount of customisation in each of the modes including the chance to ban certain skills if you deem them too troublesome. You can also swing by VG247 for an exclusive in-game look at the new multiplayer modes in-action as well as an extensive write up of what to expect from the multiplayer offerings.

In related Assassin news, the star of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation will return to the series in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, with Aveline de Grandpré making an appearance in a series of missions found exclusively in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 copies of the game. Jill Murray, writer of Liberation, has also returned to pen the continuation of Aveline’s tale.
Aveline’s missions in Black Flag pick up a ways after her story in Liberation ends. “It’s a ways forward so Aveline is a bit older,” Lead Writer Darby McDevitt explains. “It’s not directly related to the end of her story. If Assassin’s Creed IV is like a novel, Aveline’s missions are like a short story.” Providing about an hour of exclusive content, Aveline’s narrative is broken up into three missions, according to Game Director Ashraf Ismail.
To help better understand how exactly Aveline is able to be placed inside new protagonist Edward Kenway's memory, McDevitt explained during the San Diego Comic Con panel that these missions are made possible thanks to some of Abstergo’s Animus upgrades.

According to McDevitt, Abstergo Entertainment has been digging through genetic memories of the Assassin’s, supposedly in the search for a good product. “The present-day is set in Abstergo Entertainment – which is this fun, hip company to work for… at first,” McDevitt says. “You are able to access the Aveline stuff because your coworkers are working on retrieving different genetic memories from all kinds of different people.”

Hit the thumbnails below for a look at Aveline and the new multiplayer modes in action, or wall jump your way to our game page for further info.

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