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Post by Dan @ 11:01am 26/07/13 | 3 Comments
One of Microsoft's flagship exclusive titles for the upcoming Xbox One console is Ryse: Son of Rome, in development at Crysis creators Crytek. Higher resolution textures, and more polygons aren't the only things they're lifting in the transition to the next console generation though: as today's trailer demonstrates, they're also upping the ante on their performance capture process.
Ryse: Son of Rome presents a cinematic recreation of the Roman Empire in breathtaking detail, from the northern reaches of Britannia, to the Coliseum and the very heart of Rome itself.

Stunning visuals bring every aspect of the Empire to life: Incredibly detailed facial animations add character to the people you encounter, and new CryENGINE features allow for a world unlike anything you've seen on console before.
Watch the trailer below.

Ryse is due as a launch title on the Xbox One in the 2013 holiday season.

ryse son of romerysecrytekmicrosoftxbox onetrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:11am 26/7/13
The game still consists of pressing corresponding buttons when displayed on screen with out presenting a visual penalty for getting it incorrect.

I try to imagine what it would be like during quick time events in God of War, if each time it told me to press x - o to finish off a mob, i screwed it up yet it still provided me with the glorious kill... I sense it would be disappointing.

I genuinely hope this game offers more.
Posted 07:01pm 26/7/13
Pathetic that there is still exclusives, surely the developers and designers don't get paid as much because of this.
Posted 12:04pm 29/7/13

I would have to assume for it to be an exclusive on Launch or completely then a pretty penny is being spent for that by Microsoft. No game developer would risk that at this stage. It's more MS going, hey Crytek, you have an amazing engine. Build us an exclusive to help sell our new console. It's marketing, not normal game f development.
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