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Post by Dan @ 09:58am 26/07/13 | 17 Comments
DICE had promised enhancements to the Battlelog web-service, moving from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4, and new trailer today shows us that they're actually quite significant.

In BF3, Battlelog served as a game launcher, stats tracker, and server browser, but BF4 is promising direct second-screen interaction with live games:
With Battlefield, 4 your mobile device and tablet become a window into your game. Get a tactical view of the battlefield, highlight attack points on the mini map, and track your squad mates, all from your device or computer. The improved Battlelog will also allow you to more fluidly control your play sessions. Change your weapons and load outs in real time or select your next match and server without leaving your game. Want to check on your progression while you’re playing? You don’t have to pause or leave – just reach for your mobile.
Watch the video below for the new features in action.

Battlefield 4 is due on October 31st 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions also in the works.

battlefield 4eadiceelectronic artstrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:04am 26/7/13
That actually looks pretty damn cool. Any word on whether it still runs in a web browser? It kind of looked like it was its own standalone thing now
Posted 10:48am 26/7/13
Still runs in a browser, you can also have the mini-map on a second monitor.
Posted 11:24am 26/7/13
you can also have the mini-map on a second monitor.

Sweet. Thats what I was looking for.
Posted 11:42am 26/7/13
Now this is how you push forward a franchise. None of this COD same old s*** again and again
Posted 01:02pm 26/7/13
i wondering if you can be logged on with 2 devices, eg i dont have 2nd monitor but would love to use my ipad for the mini map

EDIT: I just watch it, you can how f***en awesome, really really looking forward to this game!!! wow!!!

It looks like it will run on browser, however it also looks like an app will come out of the iOS. EA has just released they are making all there money from iOS now so cant see them not making app.
Posted 01:36pm 26/7/13
They're really emphasising IOS, it better not be just IOS, or I'll be pissed.
Posted 01:58pm 26/7/13
I'm impressed. BF is such an amazingly good game, f*** work, I think I'll go fire BF3 up right now.
Posted 02:30pm 26/7/13
My understanding is that it's not specifically an iOS app, but just an extension of the Battlelog webapp, so supported across the major browsers with the same functions.
Posted 03:22pm 26/7/13
Looking forward to this now even more.
Posted 03:33pm 26/7/13
My understanding is that it's not specifically an iOS app, but just an extension of the Battlelog webapp, so supported across the major browsers with the same functions.

yeah but it not hard to make iOS app to do the same thing so they probably will and how video shows him customizing his gun does look and act like app then website
Posted 05:01pm 26/7/13
I'm going to be pwning n00bs like a gangsta running nVidia surround and game feed to a tablet. Unf*****g stoppable.
Add me: emett31
Posted 07:34pm 26/7/13
Wish you could buy battlefield 4 premium now, can't wait for this!!
Posted 07:51pm 26/7/13
that's kick ass

I remember supreme commander had the map on the 2nd screen
Posted 10:09pm 26/7/13
Nice. Looking forward to BF4
Posted 09:46am 27/7/13
Yeah, map on a second screen or some sorta pad device would be good.

Didnt watch OP's vid but goddam battlelog for BF3 was a pain in the ass for me. Only tried it in chrome but the server browser didnt work and i could only access 2 maps that were in my match history tab. I think the quick play option got me into those 2 servers initially but then the quick play didnt seem to be of any use. Ended up only ever being able to play on a TDM 500 count server i think when 'blowing up the mcom' was my fave game type in BFBC2.
Posted 12:07pm 29/7/13
Yeah this is sweet!

A lot of complaints about BF4 is that is' just more of BF3. However it does seem they are really just pushing the whole thing a lot further.

I hope as squad leader, if you use the tablet to set objectives. That it'll also allow you to draw on the map to set attack routes ect.
Posted 12:20pm 29/7/13
i think it is only fair, so when their database server crashes it is down for all platforms.
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