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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:00pm 25/07/13 | 34 Comments
It was a victorious day for us and Mad Max fans the world over when Avalanche CEO Christofer Sundberg Tweeted that the fans had been heard and their forthcoming Mad Max game would feature an Aussie accent for the titular character.

You would think such a win would be all we need to sleep well at night, and you'd be right, because that's what we thought too, until yesterday when Australian director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) exclusively contacted us alongside Mel Gibson's FREAKING BROTHER Donal Gibson, with an expressed interest in putting Donal forward as the man who takes up the Max voicing mantle for the game.

Honestly, I had to do a double-take on the email alone, but there it was, and in tow they also had a voice demo backed onto a decidedly post-apocalyptic audio track. It gave me chills. This is as close (literally and figuratively) as we could get to Mel reprising his role but film and family proximity aside, Donal's tone and delivery are just... Max. It can't be said any clearer than that.

Casting Donal would make a lot of sense for Avalanche beyond the obvious. For one, he's actually a professional voice-actor having voiced characters in the Justice League cartoon series (among much more), he is also a screenwriter and has appeared as an actor in numerous films and TV shows over the years. It's also not out of the norm for siblings of big-name actors to take on characters they've played, in smaller form -- Tom Hanks' brother almost exclusively voices characters for the small screen his brother has played on the big screen (such as Woody from Toy Story).

It's important to point out, however, that Donal is in no way officially attached to the project, yet, and Avalanche hasn't been open about any casting for the role since declaring that fans would get their Aussie-sounding Mad Max, but we simply couldn't let this lay dormant. Hopefully if we (and you) build enough of a supportive groundswell, Avalanche will be willing to entertain the idea of keeping Max in the Gibson family, or more importantly, in the hands of someone who has a very clear and passionate respect and reverence for the iconic Australian character.

We've embedded the voice-over demo below, have a listen and make your voice heard via the Comments or directly on the Avalanche Studios Facebook page, or Twitter.

avalanche studiosmad max gamedonal gibsonmel gibsonvoice-actorpetitionchristof
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:19pm 25/7/13
That demo is awesome and i hope they can consider him for the role. Sounds perfect
Posted 02:37pm 25/7/13
Gravely, course and pissed off. Exactly the way Max should sound. Bravo!
Posted 02:50pm 25/7/13
Sounds very suitable. Will this be an RPG like Fallout?
Posted 02:54pm 25/7/13
THAT IS MAX!! Aussie gravel accent and the music atmosphere rocked. That gave me freaking goosebumps. I want to play that game SO BAD now! Thats a no brainer. Great to see Aussie talent teaming up.
Posted 03:30pm 25/7/13
Pretty authentic, hope he gets the job. Would like see Avalanche step up and deliver some decent VA, especially if I have to hear Australians.
Posted 03:58pm 25/7/13
Very nice, agree with Eski it's pretty authentic!
Posted 03:59pm 25/7/13
I'm sure Avalanche loving having a bunch of neck beards tell them how to make a game.
Posted 04:11pm 25/7/13
I'm excited. Give him the job!
Posted 04:38pm 25/7/13
If they used Donal there is the possibility of the game being the best seller of all time in Australia.
Posted 05:04pm 25/7/13
His voice doesn't do anything for me.

Mel or bust!
Posted 05:14pm 25/7/13
Ahhh so this is what you were talking about on FB....
Posted 05:20pm 25/7/13
His voice doesn't do anything for me.Mel or bust!

This is what you get with bust.

I like to think there's a happy medium somewhere.
Posted 05:55pm 25/7/13
Wow, he is the man for this, that sounds great! Give him the job!
Posted 06:53pm 25/7/13
Holy f*****g s***, that was amazing! If Max doesn't sound like that, the gravely, rough tone, I can't imagine it being very good. Holy s*** that got me so excited.
Posted 07:09pm 25/7/13
THIS! Hire him already!!!
Posted 08:50pm 25/7/13
No thank you. Sounds like an American trying to sound Aussie
Posted 09:31pm 25/7/13
I never hear anyone talk like that.
Posted 09:36pm 25/7/13
Leaveitalone and shade - you got a better suggestion for who should play Max...? Are you kidding me - this is a total no brainer. He sounds SO much like Max that it will transform the experience of playing the game for all the millions of people who love the movie. I want that connection with the movies. So cool of Donal to put himself forward for the role in this way. He's not said anything, other than what is said in the demo - which sounds brilliant.

C'mon Avalanche, give us Donal. It's one less thing you have to worry about!
Posted 10:57pm 25/7/13
Have you ever even watched the original Mad Max?

He sounds NOTHING like that. Nothing.

It's not going to happen.
Posted 11:01pm 25/7/13
well why don't we just have an actor imitate steve irwin, you can't get more australian than that, would totally fit.
Nead B
Posted 11:08pm 25/7/13
He wins. That's Max.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:34pm 25/7/13
Have you ever even watched the original Mad Max?

He sounds NOTHING like that. Nothing.

It's not going to happen.
That's because the first movie is set far before the second, and we're to assume, if you like, this is even further from the second, so he's on-point.

As to your last part -- you know that's what everyone said about our petition right? See how that ended up...
Posted 11:42pm 25/7/13
I've seen the Mad Max movies more times than are healthy. I guarantee - far more times than you have. Based on this demo, Donal is more than capable of delivering the goods. Like I asked earlier...any better suggestions? Donal4Max.
Posted 11:44pm 25/7/13
(my comment was directed at Leaveitalone)
Posted 02:16am 26/7/13
um... hello that is MAX RIGHT THERE!
Posted 02:55am 26/7/13
Doesn't sound much like Mel from MM 1, 2, or 3 imo, if this Donal (who I until now didn't know existed), is up for it why isn't Mel.
Posted 08:00am 26/7/13
Better suggestions?

I'm aware it would never happen but I think Russell Crowe would make a better Max than this bloke even though he's a Kiwi. I'm sure there are plenty of other better candidates, but you'll have to excuse me for not being up to date with Australia's current voice-acting talent.

How 'bout John Jarratt lol.
Posted 10:17am 26/7/13
sounds half kiwi....
Posted 12:41pm 26/7/13
John Jarratt hahaha that'd bo golden
Posted 03:16pm 26/7/13
Sounds awesome
I'm sure Avalanche loving having a bunch of neck beards tell them how to make a game.

Considering that neckbeards are their customers, I hope they do... How much free publicity has this given the product?
Posted 06:42pm 29/7/13
Nice one! :)
Posted 09:04pm 29/7/13
if it's aussie made it'll have small budget therefore potential to be s***
Posted 09:53pm 29/7/13
game is being made in Sweden by developer of Just Cause 2... and a big budget no guarantee of quality in movies, tv or games - in any country. Go Donal Gibson!
Posted 10:18pm 29/7/13
you should check the ip addresses of these nubs.. this looks like a bit spammy
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