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Post by Eorl @ 02:59pm 24/07/13 | 6 Comments
Sony has unveiled several new images showcasing the PlayStation 4 UI, their upcoming next-gen console, as it celebrate passing the FCC certification in the US. The new FCC report reveals a few interesting tidbits of information, including a look at the size, weight and the console’s maximum clock frequency of 2.75GHz, which teases just what kind of horsepower this console holds.

According to Engadget, the new FCC report also reveals two interesting labels, a "Made in Japan" and "Made in China", hinting that Sony could be utilising both territories for manufacturing the next-gen console.

Check out the images below which shows off not just the console's new UI, but also the new UI that will be featured on mobile devices as Sony pushes for a more mobile focus.

The PlayStation 4 will be available to gamers sometime during the holiday season of 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:44pm 24/7/13
Ohh god it's terrible i really thought there would be so much more effort into this. It look like hey have just done an update on there old one. I WISH THEY WOULD LET THE COMMUNITY BUILD THERE OWN UI.. :)
Posted 03:46pm 24/7/13
looks very Google+
Posted 11:06am 25/7/13
Looks like the terrible original PS Store UI (new one looks better but navigation and UX is still poor) and Tumblr... :-(
Posted 08:47pm 27/7/13
I just hope that incoming PMs now have some kind of notification sound. I'm not always looking at the screen or am too busy looking at a certain part of the screen to see that a PM has arrived.
Posted 08:55pm 27/7/13
I don't always IM, but when I do, ICQ
Posted 08:59pm 27/7/13
looks somewhere between win 8 and android
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