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Post by Eorl @ 09:53am 23/07/13 | 3 Comments
Volition has revealed that the first DLC pack for their sandbox FPS title Saints Row 4 will include a "pastiche of all the things that were cut out of the game", according to Volition creative director Steve Jaros. Revealed at the now just gone Comic-Con, the new DLC will be featured in a mockumentary-style with the game's characters explaining why the developer pared down certain features.

Titled Enter the Dominatrix, the DLC will feature various cut content including things like a flying, fire-breathing dragon and a Bollywood-style dance number, both of which were removed due to being too resource-intensive for Saints Row 4.

Polygon are also reporting that the new DLC was "previously the name of a planned expansion to Saints Row: The Third before former publisher THQ and Volition opted to develop a full sequel. The "director's cut" version of Enter the Dominatrix was first announced in April."

In related Saints Row 4 news, the Australian Classification Board has revealed that they will be meeting on July 29 to re-assess the previous refused classification that the title gained last month, a decision which was made over a "anal probe" gun and certain naming of drugs. reports that the official media release (PDF available here) is asking those interested to "submit their thoughts before the 25th of this month."

Enter the Dominatrix is expected to release roughly six weeks after the initial launch of Saints Row 4, which will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 20th for America and originally August 22nd for Australia (however still on schedule for New Zealand).

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:55am 23/7/13
The documentary should just be the characters saying how the ESRB are f****ticks :P
Posted 12:26pm 23/7/13
Wait, I thought the decision was made to RC and then SR4 had to reassess the content for the AU version resulting in a different version for us ala Left 4 Dead 2 style?

Hopefully they allow it through as R18+ instead.
Posted 02:41pm 23/7/13
I saw no reason why this wasn't r18 to begin with sure it would push ma15+ but that's why we have a 18+ classification now....oh well still gonna VPN it if it doesn't get through so meh.
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