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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:50pm 22/07/13 | 5 Comments
By now you know that this weekend gone played host to arguably the largest gaming event ever held in Australia -- PAX Aus. The whole AusGamers team was down in rainy, windy and cold Melbourne for the event, but no amount of bad weather was going to dampen the spirits of gamers, and they made a real impact on us.

We have a lot of content yet to spill forth from what we saw, and made a lot of contact with indies to work with them and their passion-projects into the future, but on a more personal level, I felt a desire to share just how the passion and dedication of the show's true heroes -- gamers -- rocked my world. If you missed the event, it's been revealed the team are working on even bigger projections for next year, and based on our experience alone, it's a safe bet this thing isn't going anywhere.

For now though, click here to read my thoughts -- PAX Australia: An Introspective Retrospective.

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Posted 05:52pm 22/7/13
Wow, that's an earnest write up, and pretty awesome to hear. Makes me pine to be there, but planes and I don't get along. Maybe next year. I could certainly do with some decynification re gaming.

the next iteration of Oculus Rift in 1080p, running the Unreal Engine 4 demo at 60 frames per-second in full Stereoscopic 3D

F***. YES.
Posted 06:11pm 22/7/13
did you read 'how to self diagnose the 12 signs of skepticism' before you got to 'mastering the art of cynicism' though?
Posted 07:00pm 22/7/13
the next iteration of Oculus Rift in 1080p, running the Unreal Engine 4 demo at 60 frames per-second in full Stereoscopic 3D

F***. YES.

The Occulus Rift doesn't do any rendering itself though, does it? I thought it was just a display. You'd need a pretty beefy PC to run the latest games in 1080p at 120 frames/sec...

Either way, definitely looking forward to any version of it hitting the consumer space!

Also, you misspelled QGL! ;D
Posted 07:00pm 22/7/13
but planes and I don't get along

how do you feel about alcohol and diazapam?
Posted 07:49pm 22/7/13
Heh, I tried that once, but short of being fully comatose some part of my brain still goes completely haywire.

In saying that its probably time to give it another shot.
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