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Post by Dan @ 01:40pm 22/07/13 | 3 Comments
The bankruptcy of Atari has seen some more of its franchises being sold at auction to pay creditors, and although the final sale hearing for this latest lot doesn't take place until this Wednesday, July 24, court documents have reportedly already named the successful highest bidders from auction proceedings held last week (thanks Game Informer).

Most notably, World of Tanks publisher Wargaming are listed as the successful bidder on both the Total Annihilation, and the Masters of Orion franchises, two critically acclaimed strategy series that a clearly a good fit for the rapidly expanding company's lineup.

A Wargaming acquisition of Total Annihilation is particularly interesting, as it follows the publisher's recent purchase of Gas Powered Games, the studio founded by TA and Cavedog's original creator and founder Chris Taylor. Joining the dots obviously suggests that this means more Total Annihilation in the future, but Wargaming and Gas Powered Games have yet to reveal what they have been working on since coming together.

Other results of the Atari auctions see Rebellion as the highest bidder on the Battlezone, and Moonbase Commander franchises, and Stardock Star Control with the Star Control Franchise.

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Posted 02:50pm 22/7/13
oh please give me a proper Total Annihilation!!!! Ive been waiting for this for so long
Posted 04:50pm 22/7/13
Well it would appear that the stars are aligning for that to become a reality TiT, but I wouldn't hold your hopes too high just yet.

Planetary Annihilation currently holds the torch pushing the TA lineage IMO.

It is interesting to see all of this 'old gaming' news come about as it has. Game series x purchased by new publishing house y.

From this news I'm more interested in seeing a Battlezone sequel come about! I'd love to see an 8 player (the more the merrier, but if it means the difference between 8 player done well or shoddy 32-64 player, I'd prefer a smaller scale) adversarial multiplayer mode come about. I think FPS game interfaces have come a long way since the BZ2 days and not enough games manage the balance between FPS/RTS very well.

(Also, Rebellion should get back into the Aliens/Predator franchise again... but I'll leave that pipe dream for another time...)
Posted 05:05pm 22/7/13
seriously Game Informer was not my slip. Ever since Hyper and Escapist Magazine I've been trying to give up on gaming but.....

my name is trillion, and i'm an addict. :)
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