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EA has revealed new details on DICE's upcoming current and next-gen title Battlefield 4 after recently showcasing the previously seen Angry Sea gameplay demo to a select few Australian fans and media. Among the new details include a look at what the single-player has to offer as well as changes to the multiplayer side of the FPS.
So recently, EA and EB Games Australia showcased a live BF4 Demo exclusive to the Australian media and 100 lucky fans. Footage that was shown was the Angry Sea gameplay and the 17 minute demo from earlier this year. However, we did learn a plethora of information from the Q&A done by David Silverman, the Marketing Director at EA of Battlefield.
According to the post at BF4Talk, Silverman revealed that the single-player campaign for Battlefield 4 will be more "character driven and emotional. Confidence in their skills in building multiplayer led them to spend more time into creating a good single-player story." Cutscenes have also been revealed to be acted out in soundstages, similar to the method that movies utilise.

For multiplayer, players on the console platforms can expect a more integrated Battlelog system and the return of server rentals. PC players will also be gaining a newly upgrade Battlelog, though it isn't known whether this will be integrated into the game or web-based. Those looking forward to the newly revamped Commander Mode will be happy to hear that it will be offered both in-game and on tablets, "however the in-game versions will have extra features such as live video feeds."

Silverman revealed that Operation Metro was the most popular multiplayer map in Battlefield 3, and will most likely make a return in the Second Assault DLC. Players concerned about destruction will be happy to hear that while maps can't be totally levelled, they will be more drastic than Battlefield 3 and offer similar destruction to the previous Battlefield: Bad Company 2 title. DICE are also apparently considering bringing back the destruction of MCOM stations by having structures and buildings fall on them. Environment interactions will also be available, including cutting power to indoor areas on maps and utilising the darkness.

Currently system specifications have yet to be revealed, though Silverman did say that PC specifications will be similar to Battlefield 3, and also mentioned that Oculus Rift support could be seen in the future.

Battlefield 4 will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 end of October and early November, with next-gen consoles dependant on their launch.

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