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Post by Eorl @ 12:33pm 17/07/13 | 1 Comments
With their zombie-infested open world title now re-classified to an R18+ rating after previously being refused classification by the Australian Classification Board, Undead Labs has taken to livestreaming site Twitch.tv to spread new details (conveinently collected on their forum post) on their upcoming PC version of currently console-only title State of Decay.

Those eagerly awaiting the chance to try their hand at the title with keyboard and mouse will be happy to hear that the PC-port will feature the usual trimmings we've come to expect, including enhanced graphics, higher resolutions, and improved framerates (though this is dependent on your setup).

Sadly though Undead Labs has revealed that there will be no modding tools available, however the devs have stated they are more than happy for individuals to release unofficial mods as they please. The PC title will also not be offering any new content or features compared to the console version, though hopefully the mods will be able to fix that small issue.

State of Decay has been confirmed for a late 2013 release, but Undead Labs did confirm that the team are looking at offering a controller-only version through Steam's early access program before the official release. Those who may be somewhat resistant to controller support will have to wait until the full release for mouse and keyboard options.

For more on State of Decay, check out our recent review plus swing by our game page for all the info goodies.

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Posted 02:46am 18/7/13
guess it wont be out in 3 weeks ay, eorl :P
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