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Post by Dan @ 09:53am 15/07/13 | 2 Comments
Out of this weekend's EVO 2013 tournament event in Las Vegas, Capcom has revealed an upcoming update for Super Street Fighter 4 is inbound, bringing five more characters to the game, along with more battle balancing, and "a slew of other features that will be slowly leaked out in the near future". The update will be made available as downloadable content to owners of Super Street Fighter 4, and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition for US$14.99 (regional price variations not mentioned), and will also be getting a retail disc release for US$39.99 (again presumably only the North American price point), expected in early 2014.

According to a blog post on Capcom Unity, four of the additional characters are those already seen in Street Fighter X Tekken: Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elana; however, the fifth and yet-to-be-revealed character has been promised as all new.
I’m personally excited to be able to use Rolento in SF4. Yes, he was in SFxT, but SF4 and SFxT play very differently, so it’ll be a treat to use him against Seth, Hakan, and others that are not in SFxT. As for the mysterious 5th character, you’ll just have to sit tight until more information is released.

A lot of feedback was sifted through to find the best ways to balance the characters in the SF4 update. Top players from the US and Japan were consulted, as well as all the wonderful feedback provided through the Capcom Unity forums and Capcom Japan surveys.

To properly balance the character, we had to think of what the “personality” of the character was, and in effect, how to play to those strengths. It was rather daunting, but I definitely feel the characters are headed in the right direction.
A couple of examples of balance changes can read about in depth at Capcom Unity, and a new trailer for the update is expected to be released shortly.

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Posted 06:01pm 15/7/13
The four new characters are meh to me but looking forward my man Dudley getting a few needed buffs to his mid range offensive.

Super Street Fighter 4 DLC
This was officially announced to be titled "Ultra Super Street Fighter 4".
Posted 11:22pm 15/7/13
F*** yeah, Street Fighter.

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