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Post by Eorl @ 10:28am 13/07/13 | 9 Comments
Transmedia sci-fi project Defiance are inching ever closer to the free-to-play market with the reveal of a new 72-hour demo for those looking to try out the new MMO before they open up their wallets.

The official website states that the usual quality of life that MMO's offer will carry over if you decide to pay up for a monthly subscription when the demo time expires. The website also ensures that you'll have access to the entire world within the 72 hours, however the timer starts ticking down as soon as you've created an account so ensure you are prepared early with the client files for maximum time.

If you aren't too sure what exactly Defiance is, you can check out our early hands-on with the title to see what we thought. For those still thirsty for information, check out the official website where you can sign yourself up for duty, free of charge for the first 72 hours.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:02pm 13/7/13
Unless I'm missing something, you cannot download the game client until after you have registered and enabled the trial for your account. The downloader is terrible as well, been trying for the last few hours and it keeps crashing and it does not seem to resume

Im out
Posted 02:58pm 13/7/13
This is the first time in a long time I've been on the fence about playing a game, I got it on release and played it on and off for a while, haven't been back on in about half a month now.

I like the game... but I want to like it more. It's got this lingering feeling of unfinish-ness that's hard to shake. And pretty much what you said Topper, the downloader is horrible.
Posted 03:22pm 13/7/13
It's up on steam for like $14, and didn't it say there was no sub?

I guess it'd probably be worth just buying off steam and if it still feels unfinished, give it 6 months and come back *shrug*
Posted 04:54pm 13/7/13
I've been playing it and I am enjoying it. There are a few things that feel rushed but I would give it a 7.5 - 8 out of 10.

WirlWind - For $14 I would say get it. It's $14, not something that's going to break the bank.
Posted 02:52am 14/7/13
Mordecai, how does it feel? Y'know, being that it's a shooter and I'm in Australia and all that?

I've tried other shooters online (even firefall) and it's just not worth it for the latency.
Posted 06:35am 14/7/13
99% of the time smooth as. Don't really feel the lag at all.

I've been able to pull of head shot after head shot on guys running around trying to get me.

The game has separate 'phases' and it keeps the number per phase reasonable so you don't have to worry about too many people slowing the game down. I've been in arkfalls (big area events) where easily 40 people have been in close proximity with lots of enemies and explosions etc going off and haven't really seen a problem at all.

Just to prove I'm not on some awesome nbn plan with massive bandwidth. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2834918168

Haven't played a lot of PvP but the little I did lag wasn't too bad.
Posted 08:19am 14/7/13
I played it on the free weekend a few weeks ago, the world just felt empty and the quests far too linear, I played it for a few hours.

I'd give it a 6/10, some might enjoy it but as Fuzzy said something was missing.
Posted 09:03am 14/7/13
Ok, so the game has zero lag cause a lot of the computing is done on the client end, which is unlike 99% of mmo's... this means the game is rampant with hacking and makes PVP a complete and utter bore.

The story line is worth playing through, its an ok game, you could probably finish the SP story in 3 days.
Posted 09:31am 14/7/13
So the game has a 3 day trial...
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