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Post by Eorl @ 11:22am 11/07/13 | 14 Comments
Shooting car gas tanks to leak fuel over the road, sticky bomb cars with TNT and customise cars with over 1,000 options are just a number of the new additions that will be available in Grand Theft Auto 5 according to CVG's recent interview with Rockstar's Imran Sarwar (via NeoGAF).

With the recent gameplay trailer still fresh in our minds, Sarwar has revealed a number of new details about the upcoming open-world sandbox title, one that will be taking on a different approach with three main protagonists to control instead of the usual one.

According to Sarwar, enemy AI has been improved to be smarter and more aggressive, cars with customisations left on the street can be impounded instead of simply deleted (a handy change for those spending a fair amount of cash on customisations), weapons will be persistent throughout the game (if you run out of ammo you don't lose it) and a change to the previous static melee combat to be more free flowing. NeoGAF user shinobi602 has dotted out a quick overview of some of the new additions mentioned:
  • Gas tanks from cars can be shot and leak and cause a gas trail that can be ignited (useful against enemies like rolling them into a group and blowing it up)
  • Sticky bomb cars with TNT into enemies
  • Of the over 1000 car customization options, include bulletproof tires, engine tuning, roll cages, armor, turbos, strange sounding horns etc
  • These modifications can change the flow of a mission (bulletproof tires protects against bullets, more powerful armor against gangs/cops, etc)
  • Customized cars can end up impounded if left on the street; pay a fine to retrieve it
  • Less static melee fights, more of a free flowing system, lots of ways to approach enemies (behind, front, sides, etc), don't need to lock on
  • Hits are much more satisfying using melee weapons, great crunch to them
  • Destruction has been improved a lot
  • Much more advanced enemy AI, won't remain idle but will be dynamic and navigate the environment in combat to flank you
  • SWAT is very organized, focused, aggressive, gang members would be more gung ho
  • Your guns stay with you throughout the whole game, if you run out of ammo you don't lose it
  • Spent a lot of time on improving cover mechanics, much more responsive, jump over cover, move around, blind fire, much smoother
Many other details are also discussed in CVG's interview, which you can check out in the embed link below. For those who may have missed the first gameplay trailer you can check out the HD version over here.

Grand Theft Auto V is due on September 17th 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and there's still no word on other potential platforms.

grand theft auto vgameplay detailsrockstar
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:39am 11/7/13
All I want to know now, is what the minimum FPS will be on Xbox360, I want a minimum of 30fps, no less. Other than that, this looks like the game is shaping up to be everything that was good in all GTA's with more..
Posted 11:41am 11/7/13
I want a minimum of 30fps, no less
I reckon there is very little chance of this. It will probably be a maximum of 30 fps.
Posted 11:47am 11/7/13
Here in lays the problem. 30fps minimum = playable (higher would certainly be better). Under 30fps and it gets highly irritating.
Posted 11:49am 11/7/13
You better wait for a PC version then.
Posted 01:12pm 11/7/13
I cannot wait, it looks too glorious!

edit: Also, I figure the wait for the PC release will be longer as surely RockStart and friends will want to maximize sales on XBone and PS4 and do bundle deals. Then after all is settles, release it on PC so the pirates can have their way with it.
Posted 01:08pm 11/7/13
Yeah one thing annoyed me about The Last of Us (besides aiming with s***** controller) was the constant frame drops whenever lots of stuff was happening.

Game looks so good I can't wait for 6 months PC release :(
Posted 02:58pm 11/7/13
Every time I see something like this, it makes me sad that PC isn't the top marketshare.

Think of how many amazing games like this that would be even better if that were the case :(
Posted 04:36pm 11/7/13
I found GTA IV too easy on PC being able to aim with a mouse in a moving car allowed me to shoot people in the head lol

The only thing PC has is the modding community which is amazing, I'll end up buying this for the Xbox and PC on special
Posted 04:58pm 11/7/13
Yeah the frames issue is my biggest worry. It irks me that badly that I genuinely struggle to play most games on my ps3 anymore :(
Posted 05:05pm 11/7/13
What scares me most, is that the FPS issue is on the lips(keyboards?) of many people. Yet it hasn't been addressed. That leads me to believe it is something rockstar would rather avoid if they can. Which further leads me to believe that it isn't good...
Posted 10:35am 12/7/13
I hate waiting for this and this is not helping me.
Posted 07:57pm 22/7/13
Some more info
Posted 08:13pm 22/7/13
^ that image is fake.
Posted 08:14pm 22/7/13
i wonder if they have removed the random abuse you get as you simply walk down the footpath from random people walking by

i can't remember if they did in gta4
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