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Post by Dan @ 09:56am 11/07/13 | 25 Comments
If you haven't already gotten your finances in order for the 2013 Steam Summer Sale, it might be too late now, as there are several indications that the annual digital discounting bonanza is poised to begin in less than 24 hours, on July 11 PST.

Reddit users have pointed out (thanks VG247)that current midweek madness deals for Half-Life 2, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are due to end at 10am PST July 11, instead of the usual wrap up time of 4pm, and a couple of Russian payment systems affiliated with Steam in Eastern Europe have reportedly explicitly stated a July 11 commencement for the sale.

10am July 11 Pacific equates to 3am tomorrow, July 12 here in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Are you ready for a miracle?

steamsalevalve software

Latest Comments
Posted 10:08am 11/7/13
My wallet is prepared, I expect to purchase multiple games and never play them.
Posted 11:01am 11/7/13
same here
Posted 11:05am 11/7/13
I think I have run out of games I want to purchase. Guess that theory will be put to the test this Steam sale.
Posted 11:06am 11/7/13
Killing Floor sale also finishes then.

Also, I'm not prepared so eating will have to go on hold this month.
Posted 11:15am 11/7/13
recommend me a good co-op game! :)
preferably 3 or more players.
just finished deadspace3 co-op (was awesome!) & just about to start on the deadspace3 dlc pack awakening.
monster stompin' goodness.
Posted 11:16am 11/7/13
Grab GTA 4 if it goes on sale. Hilarious MP.
Posted 11:57am 11/7/13
Demon, Dota2 is a good coop game. :P All the lego games are great coop titles too.
Posted 12:00pm 11/7/13
cheers guys! i will check those titles out. :)
Posted 12:02pm 11/7/13
I just like buying the Publisher packs definitely the best value trying to build a collection
Posted 12:13pm 11/7/13
My wallet is crying!
Posted 01:24pm 11/7/13
Borderlands 2 for a decent coop, blood , explosions and loot what more could you want?....
Dunno what I will buy this sale though.. I has my money ready but not enough download limit or time!!!! Oh well
Posted 01:38pm 11/7/13
My wallet is prepared, I expect to purchase multiple games and never play them.

Posted 02:45pm 11/7/13
Soooo pumped for another sale.!
Posted 05:02pm 11/7/13
Sweet, I'll be able to buy a heap of s*** and get a badge for having more than 250 games. my life is so close to completion.

Tips for summer sale nubs, throw s*** your interested in on your wishlist and Steam will spam your email when they go on sale.
Posted 05:40pm 11/7/13
I think I have run out of games I want to purchase. Guess that theory will be put to the test this Steam sale.

Posted 09:50pm 11/7/13
no Steam no?
Posted 03:12am 12/7/13
Summer sale is live, Steam store just got DDoS'd by everyone trying to get on lol.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 03:23am 12/7/13
Infinite is 50% off, but with the Australian markup, it's still the price of a regular game...
Posted 07:21am 12/7/13
Yeah I thought about Infiniate but $40.00 still isn't cheap enough for me to purchase it, I know I sound like a jew but I know it'll be cheaper sooner rather than later.

First round haven't really seen anything jump out at me, I voted for Farcry 3 to be $20!
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 07:29am 12/7/13
Turns out that the Skyrim expansions are half price too as part of the flash sale. Got me something which I have neither the time or money for already. :P
Posted 07:37am 12/7/13
For some reason my steam is still in £ even though I'm in Brisbane now. No vpn either successfully purchased. Pity the dollar has gone to s***.
Posted 07:49am 12/7/13
I'm sure you can get BioShock on Green Man for much cheaper. Everyone should get Gunslinger and Don't Starve, very good games.
Posted 08:21am 12/7/13
Sorry The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later.

Posted 08:37am 12/7/13
Posted 08:39am 12/7/13
So, VPN advise so I can buy in UK/US cash?
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