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While Evolution Studios' PlayStation 4 exclusive driving title DriveClub may not be focusing entirely on damaging other cars, it will include damage modelling according to a new PlayStationer interview with Paul Rustchynsky, Alex Perkins and Col Rodgers.

“We’re not making Burnout, but the cars do damage, they deform and all that kind of stuff, so you are effectively scuffing up million pound supercars,” the team said. When asked about whether the driving title will feature dynamic weather like rain or snow changing the race tracks as you play, the answer wasn't a yes, but rather a maybe.

"If there is a call for weather effects, nothing is currently off the cards at this point,” Evolution said.

“The game that you play day one on PlayStation 4 is not going to be the same game you play a year down the line because it will have evolved a lot. We’re keeping the development architecture of the tracks etc very much open. We’re not closing off anything just yet."

While we may not see dynamic weather upon release, those hoping for a day-night cycle will be glad to hear that "time of day is something that will be implemented at launch". Other features players will find include dedicated servers, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 in club memberships, steering wheel support and a single-player mode. Check out the PlayStationer interview for full details including a discussion on car handling.

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