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Post by Eorl @ 10:33am 06/07/13 | 2 Comments
Valve has revealed that a new deal has been struck between the creator of the popular digital download service Steam and content streaming service Twitch, enabling Steam users to link their accounts to Twitch for ease of access.

Currently the only game utilising this new feature is Valve's free-to-play MOBA title DOTA 2, which can allow you to stream both yourself and other videos inside the client, without the hassle of opening up a separate browser for your pleasure.
This week, thanks to our friends over at Twitch, you can now link your Steam account to their service. This link makes you eligible for tournament item drops while watching Twitch streams as long you own the ticket for that tournament. We realize that people have different reasons why they prefer to watch in game or via streams and wanted to bridge the gap of features they were missing out on by choosing the service that works for them the most.
Hopefully we'll be able to see more integration in the future with more games taking up the Twitch integration, similar to the recently released Company of Heroes 2.

DOTA 2 is still expected to launch sometime before August 7 and the beginning of its largest annual event, The International.

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Posted 06:06pm 07/7/13
Didn't steam also recently introduce collectible virtual cards as achievements? I think this old comic is apropo:

Posted 08:30am 08/7/13
Lol at the comics.

There are two types of cards. Player cards for the DOTA2 compendium. Sort of like basketball cards, you add them to your compendium and get them all. There might be rewards for having your compendium filled out and maybe a mini game revolving around those in your compendium. Outside of having a compendium (10bux) they are essentially useless.

Then game cards. They drop for just owning and playing certain games. You can get booster packs for certain games once you get all the initial drops or if a game has microtransactions you can get a card for every 9USD you spend.

MOBA is the wrong term for Dota. It's ARTS. I hate the term MOBA. Pretty much any team based online game is a moba.
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