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Post by Dan @ 09:39am 05/07/13 | 3 Comments
In grand finale style, digital distributors GOG.com are offering another chance to pick up the daily deals that it has been offering sequentially over the past two weeks, all at once for sale's last day, timed for the US Independence Day holiday, with discounted classic and indie games up to 85% off.
All of the custom tailored gaming bundles and special offers you saw discounted by up to 85% are making a return, today. We're giving you one more chance to expand your collection with games of your favorite genres for ridiculously low prices. Outside of the special deals there's about 500 games out of our catalog, that you can get individually 50% off, so there's your chance to check off some items of your GOG.com wishlist. If you've been eyeing some deals for the past couple of weeks, deciding which ones to get--now's your final call to act upon your gaming desires!
All games on GOG.com are served up free of any digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, a point which we spoke to them in-depth about recently.

At the time of this post, the sale has just over 13 hours remaining --set to end at 10pm tonight AEST (12:59 GMT) -- so head over to gog.com/NoDRMSummer for the goods.


Latest Comments
Posted 01:44pm 05/7/13
Bought two bundles with games from my teenagehood(?) Be interesting to see how badly DK and DK2 have aged. At the price of three pints Im sure it will keep me busier than that :-)
Posted 02:02pm 05/7/13
woot, just missed Miasmata the first time around. Sold!
Posted 04:18pm 05/7/13
Saw the Sierra pack and went to buy it, and then noticed I already owned half the games - hah.
Definitely take up this offer to grab Kings Quest VI.

But used the opportunity to grab Total Annihilation Commander Pack, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, and Wing Commander: Privateer.
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