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Post by Dan @ 10:40am 03/07/13 | 7 Comments
Web browsers visiting the Steam page for Saints Row 4 from an Australian Internet address are currently being met with a version of the game labelled "Low Violence", offering the ability to pre-order, but no further information on how it might differ from the standard issue game (thanks Kotaku).

Saints Row IV was refused classification in a recent submission attempt to the Australian Classification Board, effectively prohibiting the game's publisher Deep Silver from promoting the game locally ahead of its late August launch internationally.

Deep Silver has previously expressed that they will be "reworking some of the code to create a version of the game for this territory by removing the content which could cause offence", but its uncertain if the low violence version seen on Steam is intended to be that particular modified version.

With the global launch looming, and much already invested in marketing the game to Australians (including an entire booth dedicated to the game booked at the upcoming PAX Aus event in Melbourne), it stands to reason that the publisher would want to get local distribution back on schedule as soon as possible.

Saints Row 4 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on August 20th 2013, Europe on August 23rd, was originally meant to arrive in Australia on August 22nd (and still is in New Zealand).

saints row 4deep silverr18+r18refused classificationacb
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:11pm 03/7/13
Aaand I will be downloading it..f*** censorship
Posted 03:35am 05/7/13
$5 says it's just the German version or something like that.

I'll just buy a cd-key like I usually do when it comes to overpriced / censored games.
Posted 09:16am 05/7/13
Aaand I will be downloading it..f*** censorship

Or you could import it and not be a d***. Its not the developers/publishers fault its censored here, so why punish them for it.
Posted 09:47am 05/7/13
Or you could import it and not be a d***. Its not the developers/publishers fault its censored here, so why punish them for it.

Yeah, I never understood that logic. ACB is at fault, not the developers. If it's anything like L4D2, just get someone to gift it to you. I don't think there's any excuse to pirate any more considering the options available.

I was going to get it on PC but starting playing co-op SR3 with my brother. Didn't think SR3 could get funnier but co-op adds so much more haha. So I'll be importing a USA copy.
Posted 03:17am 06/7/13
I assume my GMG version will not be molested by this.
Posted 10:24am 06/7/13
Or you could import it and not be a d***. Its not the developers/publishers fault its censored here, so why punish them for it.

Get the developers to start having a whinge. The more noise that is made the better.

Price region fixing and this bulls*** pisses austrlians off and should the developrs
Posted 10:26am 06/7/13
I don't think you understand the developer => publisher relationship very well there Sc00bs.
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