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Post by Dan @ 03:08pm 02/07/13 | 9 Comments
DRM in videogames became a red hot topic again recently, when following the unveiling of the Xbox One, Microsoft representatives revealed that an Internet connection would be mandatory for playing all games on the upcoming console, then back-pedalling on the new restrictions due to vocal consumer concern.

At the other end of the spectrum, is digital distributor, which began life as a platform for classic PC games, and now also serves as a digital storefront for a growing collection of new release titles from independent developers embracing a philosophy that combating piracy should not inconvenience, or compromise the fair use rights of paying customers.

With consumers' rights to the games they buy getting muddier in the digital age, we talk to Trevor Longino, Head of PR and Marketing at, to find out his take on the situation, and explore GOG's plans for the future of digital games distribution. Read on for the full interview.

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Posted 03:22pm 02/7/13
Nice interview, I especially agree with:
The only people affected by the DRM are, unfortunately, the legal users who bought the game with their own money.

I really like GOG and really need to start making more purchases from those guys. Problem for me is I'm stuck in the whole 'I want everything on one account' so tend to buy everything on Steam.

But, seeing as though GOG are getting more recent games these days hopefully I start to throw some money at them.
Posted 04:32pm 02/7/13
Haha, I remember code books!

"What is the 3rd letter of the 2nd sentence of the 3rd paragraph of page 15 of your manual?", and Leisure Suit Larry's 18+ confirmation with an adult question like "What was Elizabeth Taylor's name in "Giant"?"
Posted 04:43pm 02/7/13
Yeah haha Street Rod has one of those too. I used to guess and guess until I got it right. Eventually between my brothers and I we had memorised them all
Posted 05:08pm 02/7/13
How about the the codewheels Darkhawk?

Or even better (I recall 'Battle Chess' doing this) the pages that couldn't be photocopied (black text on a dark gunmetal page).

I seem to recall one flight sim I used to play featuring a compendium of all of the different aircraft types, and the game would prompt you to give the 'operating range of a frogfoot' to get in.
Posted 05:12pm 02/7/13
But they made the books hard to photocopy, like make the words red, so you would end up having to manually fill it in.
Posted 06:24pm 02/7/13
I liked the drm scheme for the xb1. Install your game and never have to bother with the disc again? Yes please.
Posted 08:07pm 02/7/13
I never liked Steam for it's DRM, when I stumbled on GOG in 2011 Immediately fell in love with it, no DRM, no client download needed for the games.

GOG truly offers everything I was looking for in a digital distribution and I'm currently sitting at 49 games in my collection, with more incoming.

When he said "it's the first thing to do" in reference to the DRM, it reminded me of Skyrim. I had preordered that game 1 month before release and I've played it with a crack upon receiving the game, simply cause I don't want Steam.
Posted 08:22pm 02/7/13
Which is funny, because you didn't need a crack for Skyrim at launch. They patched in the DRM.
Posted 06:30am 03/7/13
I'm a massive fan of the 'rework' GOG give some of the games.
The installer UI's are sleek and lightweight, and if you don't like the some of the changes they've made, it's typically done through dosbox so easy enough to adjust!

I've become pretty serial about my purchases on GOG and with this current sale have recently passed 150 games!
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