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Post by Eorl @ 01:58pm 02/07/13 | 14 Comments
BioWare's now free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will be introducing a new Ewok companion in the upcoming patch 2.3, according to reports from MMO guide website Dulfy.

Those interested in gaining access to this new fuzzy companion will find the cost at 1 million credits, with a requirement of Legacy level 40. Tweek, as she is called, will also lend her skills in combat in the form healing and tank stances among other abilities. Her primary stat is "Aim" and also has a "Bounty Hunting Treek Customization" which costs an additional 250k credits.

A cutscene trailer can be viewed below to know more on Treek's background, but steer clear if you want to avoid spoilers.

star wars: the old republicfree-to-playmmo
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:17pm 02/7/13
EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! said no one ever
Posted 02:19pm 02/7/13
Kill it with fire
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 02:28pm 02/7/13
Makes me wonder whether they managed to get all 16 voice actors back in for these little updates, several years later, or whether they had pre-written it all at the start. I'm not sure what class voice that is in the video, maybe sith warrior, but it sounds like the least exciting of the bunch...
Posted 08:24pm 02/7/13
.... Rofl that's damn terrible graphics, I'm surprised people play this game at all.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 09:12pm 02/7/13
I've screwed around in it a bit since they added the early free stuff last year, and have even paid a bit. For all its flaws, character graphics isn't usually one of them. The style never looks as good in screenshots/youtube vids as they do at full resolution. They just don't seem to scale down well, but look pretty damn awesome in motion. The semi cell shaded character skin looks damn amazing. Though the recent addition of allowing players to colour their hair and armour has created an army of fluro clowns.

Half the reason I go back to play from time to time is just because of how awesome my guys look and sound.

Posted 09:30pm 02/7/13
Awesome. Always wanted me a talking Ewok pet since they had one pop up as a joke character in one of the Star Wars X-Wing novels a while back!
Posted 11:08pm 02/7/13
So... is this game still staying afloat? I was playing it for a it on release but got over it pretty quick... Been tempted a few times to jump back into it but I'm hesitant...
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 11:30pm 02/7/13
The Australian servers just got locked for character creation, with free transfers to US servers. They're essentially dead.

I moved my guys to a US server and played for a few hours on the weekend while there was double xp (think that there is this weekend too), and it was pretty playable, but it does look like the population is in decline from stagnation after the recent mini expansion thing. The game gets better as you go instead of worse imo, because its main weakness is the constant disappointing and annoying level design, and the more you play the more numb you become to it. The legacy system also helps speed things up, though at this point all my new characters are OP the entire way through, whereas I actually struggled with story bosses on my first one.

In the end I'm just a huge sucker of Bioware campaigns, and think that this is moderately good.
Posted 11:44pm 02/7/13
Why does the ewok look like it's possessed by Satan?
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 01:11am 03/7/13
Because it's female, Satan's favoured gender, according to the Satan-having religions.
Posted 09:16am 03/7/13
The problem is the gameplay is so f*****g dated. When you look at more involved MMOs like Neverwinter or guild wars 2, the whole static combat 1 - 2 -3 - 4 button repetition is just soooo f*****g boring. If the game was out even 3-4 years ago it would have been a lot more reasonable, but times have changed.
Posted 12:41pm 03/7/13
Now With No Aussie Servers, I finally Unsubbed this Month, that with the slow trickle of content that you dont pay for (extra mounts etc) theres no point playing, PVP is unbearable. 1 or 2 Raids a week at a Lagged state aint worth it so many better games out there. The social element is the only drawcard left and its not enough. Good Bye Swtor.
Posted 12:42pm 03/7/13
Oh and I was in it all thru beta, collectors edition etc.
Posted 05:07pm 03/7/13
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