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Post by Dan @ 12:16am 29/06/13 | 170 Comments
As recently teased, Brisbane-based indie studio 5 Lives Studios has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Satellite Reign, a strategy game that promises to be very much a spiritual successor to Bullfrog's classic Syndicate games (thanks ivy_mike).

Bullfrog veteran, and creator of Syndicate Wars, Mike Diskett is counted among the five-man team that is comprised of other former Krome Studios devs, and long-standing members of our own AusGamers forums community.
Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game. You control a squad of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities as they vie and battle for control of a fully simulated, living, cyberpunk city.

The game world is designed to facilitate emergent gameplay, giving you the tools and freedom to play how you want to play, so you can create strategies and scenarios that not even we had anticipated!

Customise your team with the strength to destroy your enemies head-on, or hack into their facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there.
The project is targeting a rather modest GBP£350,000 goal for a complete game, and will be bringing the BAFTA nominated composer of the original Syndicate games if they meet the first stretch goal of £380,000.

The game is in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with a tentative launch target of December 2014.

Watch the pitch video below, and head over to the Kickstarter page to get onboard.

satellite reignsyndicatesyndicate warstrailerkickstartercrowdfunding5 lives studios

Latest Comments
Posted 09:12am 29/6/13
lol @ beard cultivator.
Posted 09:15am 29/6/13
that looks freaking awesome

I never played the original syndicate games, thinking I should now lol
Posted 09:25am 29/6/13
Wow, it looks like it went off to a pretty decent start. Seems like a lot of the limited ones filled out very fast.

Good luck on the goal guys, I've backed and I'm looking forward to the game!
Posted 09:28am 29/6/13
original was an awesome game pave, u should check it out!
Posted 09:34am 29/6/13
f*** yeah guys!!

looks like everything I hoped it would be when I first saw the teaser.
the art direction you've gone for looks f*****g perfect.

best of luck with the development process, I've no doubt you'll easily reach the kickstarter goal.

can't wait!
Posted 09:52am 29/6/13
well, that escalated quickly
Posted 09:56am 29/6/13
I pledged, looks like it is going to be a epic game
Posted 11:52am 29/6/13
Hells yeah, pledging now.
Looks awesome, good luck Midda and Wetwired/ everyone else involved.
Posted 01:40pm 29/6/13
Is the guy with the beard the programmer?
Posted 01:45pm 29/6/13
If they're based in Brissie why is the monetary target stated in GBP?
Posted 02:16pm 29/6/13
Kickstarter only allows US and UK creators.
Posted 04:08pm 29/6/13
Thanks guys, we've been busting our butts the last few months, since before the teaser video was released even. Long nights after hours from our day jobs.

Is the guy with the beard the programmer?

Designer, he's a bit of a jack of all trades though
Posted 04:15pm 29/6/13
o00 looks good, i loved syndicate
Posted 04:34pm 29/6/13
Hmm, I was going to pledge if he was.

Everyone knows a programmers skill is proportional to their face beard.

Posted 04:36pm 29/6/13
he can code too if that helps? :P
Posted 04:41pm 29/6/13
Well in that case, I'll pledge.
Posted 04:50pm 29/6/13
Gound floor! Good luck wetwired :)
Posted 04:50pm 29/6/13
So what is the plan if the kickstarter doesn't make it?
Posted 05:33pm 29/6/13
We cry ourselves to sleep.
Posted 05:37pm 29/6/13
I keep trying to pledge but every time I select which card to use it just stays on that page. Hitting the "pledge" button does nothing.
Posted 05:59pm 29/6/13
So what is the plan if the kickstarter doesn't make it?
They remake this instead:
Posted 06:05pm 29/6/13
Mr. Wobbly Legs is already a masterpiece which couldn't possibly be improved upon.
Posted 06:11pm 29/6/13
I keep trying to pledge but every time I select which card to use it just stays on that page. Hitting the "pledge" button does nothing.

I had this issue, until I realised I'm a noob and wasn't filling in the address part.
Posted 06:22pm 29/6/13
Thing is Toll Kickstarter already has all that info. Its asking me to pick my payment method "Visa XXXXXXX or new card".

I choose my current card (expiry is half way through next year) and hit pledge and a # gets added tot he wb address and nothing else.

Guess I try again tomorrow or another day.
Posted 07:11pm 29/6/13
Very fond memories of playing Syndicate, seems they have a good team in place to be able to bring that gameplay into this millenium. Wish them best of luck hitting their stretch goal as well as I also remember the music.
Posted 07:21pm 29/6/13
I just went looking for the original to see how good this supposed classic is. Turns out that it, plus a bunch of other games from bullfrog are on special for the next few hours over on GOG.
Posted 12:03pm 30/6/13
Fav thing in Syndicate Wars was that nuclear hand grenade thing..Epic destruction!
Posted 10:51pm 01/7/13
We just finished the 3rd day since going live, we're now at 35% of our goal and #1 on for today!

Things have really picked up today after posts on joystiq and kotaku among other places. I expect it will slow down pretty soon though, most kickstarters seem to peak early, bottom out for a bit and then pick up again at the end.
Posted 11:03pm 01/7/13
That is a pretty awesome beard.
I'll be excited if the final game turns out even half as epic as that beard.
Posted 11:26pm 01/7/13
Congrats Dazhel, you just made the beard quote list :)

we are keeping a tally
Posted 09:11pm 02/7/13
We're now on Steam Greenlight
Posted 09:40pm 02/7/13
Yeah i've been wondering if it was going to slow down, i was pretty sure it would (this is my first kickstarter involvement)

But you guys are kicking ass at the moment
Posted 09:53pm 02/7/13
Steam Greenlight, does that mean that is on Steam for sure, or that it is able to be voted to go onto steam?
Posted 10:10pm 02/7/13
It's able to be voted to go on steam.

But yeah it's slowing down now but it had to at some point, most kickstarters seem to get most of their pledges early, then it drops off a heap before coming back up at the end.

But we can't really complain, 4 days in and £140,000 which is 40% of our goal.
Posted 10:59am 03/7/13
At first I thought I was watching Gardening Australia

Posted 11:58am 03/7/13
We have our first video dev chat up, addressing some questions from the community
Posted 12:40pm 03/7/13
Posted 12:43pm 03/7/13
so who is who in that video, i'm assuming the epic beard guy and the guy next to him aren't on qgl

who is there from qgl and who is missing

ps. hey midda remember i sold you that ps3 version of god of war ages ago, can you name something in the game after me? :]
Posted 12:46pm 03/7/13
I'm missing :(

Mitch is midda
Posted 12:53pm 03/7/13
I reckon you guys have this in the bag plus a couple of stretch goals.


I didn't realise you had Mike on board, that really stamped legitimacy on the whole thing. Good stable of devs, the lead from SW, ~550k USD target? Easy peasy.
Posted 01:21pm 03/7/13
I few easter eggs implanted in the game with QGL backers should be on the cards ;)
Posted 01:44pm 03/7/13
chucklef****, his funeral will be held on friday, got it
Posted 01:46pm 03/7/13
There better be a backpunch skill in there to be safe too.
Posted 01:56pm 03/7/13
so who is who in that video, i'm assuming the epic beard guy and the guy next to him aren't on qgl

who is there from qgl and who is missing

ps. hey midda remember i sold you that ps3 version of god of war ages ago, can you name something in the game after me? :]

I'm Mitch. Chris (beard guy) posts here infrequently under the name Oukruk.

I do remember, and you know, I still haven't f*****g played it.
Posted 03:31pm 03/7/13
Will back :)
Posted 04:32pm 03/7/13
That is an epic beard bro
Posted 05:12pm 03/7/13
Figured out the problem with not being able to pledge .. I had ghostery on. Turning it off made it work fine.
Posted 07:59am 04/7/13
Assassin should be able to learn Back-punch too!
Posted 11:50pm 04/7/13
Thought you guys might like to know, we added a new tier with a boxed copy of the game + CD soundtrack

Posted 12:34am 05/7/13
That's awesome guys, super excited for you. I've kicked in as a Infiltrator or similar I think, looking forward to playing it!
Posted 11:37am 05/7/13
Nice, thanks for your support. Bring your copy in when you get it (once we've made the game of course) and we can sign it for QGL peeps
Posted 11:49am 05/7/13
I just went tech level upped it the other day from jew spec soldier

Decided i wanted beta access
Posted 04:06pm 09/7/13
OMG! Games workshop Co-founder Ian Livingstone CBE has endorsed us!

Thanks to everyone's support and a generous shout out from the Wasteland 2 team

Kicked some nice goals there guys, well done.

200,000 pounds and climbing.
Posted 07:10pm 09/7/13
I came to post that :)

We did an interview with the Jace Hall Show too
Posted 07:14pm 09/7/13
you guys going to do a reddit ama?
Posted 07:20pm 09/7/13
Yup, we've got one planned for about 7am our time Thursday morning
Posted 01:55pm 10/7/13
We put out another dev chat video today, talking about the classes, customization and the death system.
Posted 05:21pm 10/7/13
some more sweet media exposure

smash it c****
Posted 10:32am 11/7/13
We did our AMA this morning

We did it for a couple of hours, we'll still come back to answer questions occasionally though if anyone has any more
Posted 12:34pm 11/7/13
i have a question

which stretch goal does the beard get shaved off?
Posted 10:20pm 11/7/13
That depends on how much you're willing to pay?
Posted 05:45pm 12/7/13
You guys totally need to get Penny Arcade to whisper about this on their webpage..
Posted 06:55pm 12/7/13
IP desk yawns

pass, +1 for effort though

the owl's game was way better
Posted 08:03pm 12/7/13
Kickstarter seems to have hit a bit of a wall. I hope you guys get tover the line.
Posted 10:23pm 14/7/13
Another update where we a "meet the" feature about each of the four agents, starting with the support agent
Posted 10:32pm 14/7/13
doesn't make me as hard as the advertising campaign I had with Brink. BUT OK! shutup and take my money :<
Posted 07:23am 15/7/13
Do all Kickstarters have this many Updates?

Not that I mind the information, but it seems like a lot of emails sent out to people that have already put up money... shouldn't you be targeting people that haven't made donations yet?
Posted 10:09am 15/7/13
Pretty much, we've actually had complaints from people that we don't give ENOUGH information :/

seems we can't win either way.

A few of the updates we've done were targeted to try and get external press but none of them seem to have been picked up (Dev Chat #2 video for example)
Posted 11:20am 15/7/13
Do you think the fact it's in UK pounds is an issue for some people as they're usually in US dollars?
Posted 02:07pm 15/7/13
Definitely, we tried all we could to get it on the US Kickstarter so it could be in USD but we left it too late.

Not only is the GBP an issue but the UK site doesn't take amazon payments, only credit cards
Posted 10:39pm 17/7/13
We put up a new "Meet the" for the Hacker today...

Posted 11:09pm 18/7/13
Almost at 75%, I hope you guys get funded and then some.
Posted 07:29am 19/7/13
getting slightly nervous, i'd like to see you closer by now

but i think someone said towards the end there will be a mad rush, hope you guys smash it because i am genuinely keen to play this game

coop-multi would be the f*****g dream, should be one of the earlier stretch goals imo
Posted 05:46pm 19/7/13
coop-multi would be the f*****g dream, should be one of the earlier stretch goals imo


I upped my pledge, things were looking a bit bleak but have picked up now, whatever you guys are doing new, keep it up!
Posted 07:25pm 22/7/13
I forgot to post this, some gameplay previs stuff

there's also a fairly big gameplay write up on our latest update.

We also got a shout out from Chris Roberts (RSI\Star Citizen) he also backed us at the $1k tier which gets his face and name in the game as a VIP NPC.
Posted 09:57pm 22/7/13
Also new Meet the, for the Soldier

Posted 12:58pm 23/7/13
you guys have got this s*** in the bag, you were like 300k this morning and now you are 311k

final surge is coming
Posted 01:03pm 23/7/13
I'm still waiting for the last day to bump my pledge and I bet I'm not alone.

Yeah, you got this.
Posted 01:05pm 23/7/13
Looks like it, was worried for a while!

Satellite Reign -- Kicktraq Mini
Posted 01:09pm 23/7/13
Game music is pretty important to me, so I'm hanging out for that first stretch goal. Lets do this.
Posted 01:15pm 23/7/13
i've already raised my pledge twice from my original one so i'm done lol
Posted 05:35pm 23/7/13
I don't get how that Soldier Agent uses his gun in a practical way?
Posted 05:40pm 23/7/13
BAM! US$150 Pledged. Go you good thing!
Posted 09:31pm 23/7/13
Thanks guys, we'll save some postage on those physical tiers by dropping them off at your house :)
Posted 11:24pm 23/7/13
Walla Walla you are owning that. fk yeah.
Posted 04:33am 24/7/13
The gameplay vid looks awesome, the agents look a tad metro/emo.. ;)

I've been playing Syndicate recently as I picked it up from GoG and it plays great on the Macbook Pro, can't wait for Satellite Reign!
Posted 09:33am 24/7/13
Hey guys,

Was Just reading the Project Update #21: Torment: Tides of Numenera.

They give you guys a shout out, this email went to all backers for Torment: Tides of Numenera, Hopefully it gives you another boost!

First is Satellite Reign, a real-time, class-based cyberpunk strategy game from the creators of Syndicate Wars, and a spiritual sequel to that title. They recently released an engine gameplay visualization to give you a better idea of the game, and are now nearly funded with 5 days to go. Take a look and see if you want to help them get over the hump!
Posted 12:49pm 24/7/13
Nice, about 15k remaining to get in little under 5 days

for reference we got 20k and 23k for the previous 2 days
Posted 02:10pm 24/7/13
Here's another great graph from Kicktraq that shows daily pledges:

Posted 03:06pm 24/7/13
1700 to go, gg. Damnit now I have to pay you.
Posted 03:09pm 24/7/13
S*** is going into orbit!

I'm upping my pledge on the last day regardless. Your awesome kickstarter campaign has totally won my confidence.
Posted 03:28pm 24/7/13

You're a backer of
Satellite Reign
by 5 Lives Studios

Don't f*** it up.
Posted 08:16pm 24/7/13
I've upped my pledge, have at it!
Posted 08:46pm 24/7/13
Uh oh, I might have to pony up.

Shadowrun Returns comes out in 2 days, just enough time to give people the taste of cyberpunk goodness and go looking for more..

Also, I still didn't receive an answer on how that soldiers gun is useful, it looks like he has to really twist his back to sort of point it forward (I'd say aim, but it wouldn't be, unless he has some sort of Smartlink). Anyway, doesn't look practical. >:)
Posted 08:51pm 24/7/13
It's just a perspective issue in the concept, not something that you'd see in the final game :)
Posted 08:57pm 24/7/13
only $7000 to go.
Posted 09:04pm 24/7/13
Is it? Is it really!

Posted 10:13pm 24/7/13
just watched it tick over to $345,000 while reading the latest update. f***** ripper.
Posted 01:11am 25/7/13
Woo! You guys finally got a mention on Penny Arcade!
While at PAX Aus I talked to somebody from Satellite Reign, the inexplicably unfunded successor to Syndicate. I don’t know if it’s Kickstarter fatigue, or if I am the only person who remembers Syndicate, or what. But I like what they’ve got to say - I backed it earlier today. Which is probably still your tomorrow, because globe.

Hopefully that gives you a big boost once the US has properly woken up.

Edit: You can practically watch it ticking over now!
Posted 01:14am 25/7/13
Aaaandd it's done!

This project will be funded on Monday Jul 29, 4:00am CEST.

Congrats WW, Midda and the rest of the guys!
Posted 02:01am 25/7/13
grats motherf*****s
crushed with four days to go and with PA mention will hopefully see a few of the stretch goals met.

time to get cooking with future crack

2014 not so easy
can't wait!
Posted 03:28am 25/7/13
BAM!! Spice weasel.

Well done guys!! Can't wait.

Good work on the Penny Arcade shout-out, that should bring in loads of customers.
Posted 06:32am 25/7/13
Hells yes guys! Grats!
Posted 06:50am 25/7/13
Well done guys, glad to see some local success!
Posted 07:20am 25/7/13
well done gais

maybe you can smoke a couple of stretch goals in the time remaining
Posted 08:04am 25/7/13
Ha, I called for a PA shout out earlier in the thread. Winning!

Well done guys. Only now I will have to pay.
Posted 10:58am 25/7/13
Posted 01:07pm 25/7/13
Thanks guys for your support and backing, I went straight to a real estate agent to look for some cheap office space this morning :)
Posted 01:14pm 25/7/13
Will you guys be based in Brisbane?
Posted 01:39pm 25/7/13
yeah, we're looking at somewhere cheap and central, so valley, CBD, west end, south brisbane, woolongabba etc
Posted 02:33pm 25/7/13
west end is pretty dreamy.

we're getting an aldi you know!
Posted 02:35pm 25/7/13
Maybe check out those incubator style places? Would definitely be cheaper than a whole office of your own and you get some more resources to tap into.
Posted 05:20pm 25/7/13
Woolongabba! UQ PACE has a few offices spare you could maybe rent, could hit up the manager..
Posted 05:22pm 25/7/13
make sure you post up pics of your first crowd funded gram of coke, invite me over as well
Posted 05:39pm 25/7/13
haha, in for coke, i know pave pretty well and he gave you a fair bit of money
Posted 06:07pm 25/7/13
pretty sure you're only entitled to crowdfunded coke if you pledged bro, sorry
Posted 06:34pm 25/7/13
What level of pledge gives us access to coke?
Posted 08:18pm 25/7/13
Congats on hitting the target. Looking forward to the game.
Posted 11:13pm 25/7/13
You're getting $55 of my money so I hope you guys make a good game!

Congrats on meeting the primary goal.
Posted 03:33pm 26/7/13
Just chiming in to add my thanks too. We might have to name a brothel in the game after QGL or something.
Posted 03:44pm 26/7/13
Oh wow I literally got chills for you guys reading this, despite the fact that you are TAKING MY MONEY

dont f*** it up

Edit: New funding status image

Posted 03:53pm 26/7/13
F*** localization, I want full destruction first!
Posted 04:02pm 26/7/13
well done guys
Posted 04:05pm 26/7/13
F*** localization, I want full destruction first!
Posted 04:33pm 26/7/13
F*** localization, I want full destruction first!

We've seen so many people saying that, but I mean, of course you don't care about localisation, it's already in Englis** The thing is though, Syndicate was really popular in places like Germany and Russia, so ensuring that we can get the game localised for them means there's more potential backers to help hit the meatier stretch-goals, like destruction and co-op.
Posted 04:35pm 26/7/13
Will the beta be available on Mac?
Posted 06:57pm 26/7/13
F*** everything, I want co-op first!
Posted 07:31pm 26/7/13
Will the beta be available on Mac?

Posted 07:54pm 26/7/13
Ha Midda, I understand that. I still stand by what I said! ;)
Posted 07:59pm 26/7/13
Not sure domino, ask me again in 6 months :P
Posted 01:00am 27/7/13
Doing a macport via Wineskin might make it a lot easier, rather then a proper OS X one.
Posted 08:44am 27/7/13
I saw wetwired mention he jumped straight on to look for a studio, so does this mean you guys all /quit your day jobs to work on this? I have no idea abiut making games but i imagine you guys have a s***load of work (and crowdfunded coke) ahead of you to get it out next year
Posted 08:56am 27/7/13
Forgot about this, just pledged, congratulations on hitting the target and good luck with development!
Posted 02:39pm 27/7/13
We were all at Sega Australia when they announced they were closing shop so we'll be rolling straight onto this full time once the money comes in and we find an office.
Posted 05:26pm 27/7/13
There is a place along Gympie road 160sq meter that has been vacant for about a year, above a discount chemist. They have to be desperate for tenants now.
Posted 10:32pm 27/7/13
New update up, localisation stretch goal met and I did a little video showing off some cool tech we've been playing with

Apparently embed code doesn't work anymore, here's the link to the video
Posted 10:38pm 27/7/13
if only the next stretch goal was 420k instead of 440k.
Posted 10:41pm 27/7/13
Yeah that is a bit disappointing, unlikely to get the next one
Posted 01:03am 28/7/13
I'm optimistic we'll hit the next stretch goal.
Posted 10:23am 28/7/13
If you fall just a little short of destruction, do it anyway!
Posted 11:14am 28/7/13
Also PayPal isn't in the total - how much do you have in PayPal?
Posted 12:13pm 28/7/13
So would multiplayer be possible ss dlc or an expansion?
Posted 12:32pm 28/7/13
The total is on our website now currently at £ 6461

we will still continue PayPal for a while, so there's still a chance of those later stretch goals. If we didn't reach them but sales of the game were good we'd possibly do multiplayer as an expansion or in the sequel
Posted 12:39pm 28/7/13
So what happens if (as seems likely) you fall short by a couple grand of the destruction goal? If £40k bought destruction, can £38.5k buy destruction lite, or does someone just get a nice car? :P
Posted 12:49pm 28/7/13
Looks like it should hit at least 440
Posted 12:55pm 28/7/13
Well the paypal will be open for a fair while beyond the kickstarter, at a guess until at least the end of the year so there's time to reach it.
Posted 10:32pm 28/7/13
14 hrs to go and only needs 9k to reach the stretch goal.

edit: pledged the TECH tier.
Posted 11:14pm 28/7/13
So what happens if (as seems likely) you fall short by a couple grand of the destruction goal?

Ye of little faith, we're already there! Told you we'd make it. :)
Posted 11:15pm 28/7/13
I'd be bummed if I was sposed to get the nice car!
Posted 11:34pm 28/7/13
New update up! We've got some new add-ons, we met the destruction stretch goal and we have a fancy new mockup of the augmentation upgrade screen
Posted 09:09am 29/7/13
Don't forget, during the final 2 Hours of the Kickstarter, we'll be Live Twitch Streaming from sunny Brisbane, Australia.

heh, sunny.
Posted 10:06am 29/7/13
heh, sunny.

haha true. This live stream sits on a throne of lies!

Posted 12:51pm 29/7/13
Posted 03:57pm 29/7/13
Grats on the solid campaign chaps, well deserved success. Should be extra proud having achieved it at a time when several other high profile dev teams have crashed and burned (Jaffe, Dyack etc), and Double Fine's delay threw the whole model into question.

Best of luck on the dev process; looking forward to playing the finished product.
Posted 04:06pm 29/7/13
Thanks everyone! We'll be taking a breather for a week or so now (well, other than hunting for office space), but we'll be diving in head-first very soon. Lots to do!
Posted 04:18pm 29/7/13
Head first INTO A KILOGRAM BRICK OF COKE yeeeeeeeeeeeee
Posted 04:21pm 29/7/13
Posted 06:33pm 29/7/13
I'm here for the coke party ... wait ... what do you mean I'm too late? I PLEDGED DAMMIT
Posted 07:11pm 29/7/13
This game is a pussy just waiting to get f***ed
Posted 08:29pm 29/7/13
I second the brick of coke idea.
Well done guys, being as excited for you as I am I can't imagine how pumped you must be yourselves. massive hats off, now fire up and bring us all an awesome game :D
Posted 05:42pm 09/8/13
We passed Steam Greenlight this morning! woohoo
Posted 05:45pm 09/8/13
yeah, saw that earlier today. congrats!
Posted 06:20pm 09/8/13
So are we at alpha stage yet?
Posted 10:53pm 09/8/13
Not even close. Alpha means "feature complete," as in, every feature the game is supposed to have has been implemented. Alpha won't be until next year some time.
Posted 08:02am 10/8/13
yeah i was kidding bro, you guys have only just found an office
Posted 08:13am 10/8/13
You guys should fight, like a sexy fight
Posted 07:29pm 10/8/13
Well I can't be sure, we've had multiple people asking us if the alpha will be available soon. You can assume nothing over the internet.

Also, f*** you!
Posted 07:31pm 10/8/13
Is it finished yet?
Posted 09:25am 11/8/13
I demand you get an Oculus Rift to try and integrate it into your game, only to quickly find out that it wont work out so well. Then we can all come and visit the office to check out the rift ;D
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