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Post by Eorl @ 02:25pm 28/06/13 | 18 Comments
Riot Games is heading down under, with the launch of an Oceanic Beta server for players in the localised region. Those taking up the offer of moving early will be accommodated with "English-language support, local servers and a dedicated Oceania website."
Starting today, you can join the Oceanic beta by transferring from NA, LATAM, Russia, Turkey, EUNE and EUW. This transfer is free for a limited time. Early transfers earn exclusive rewards including Ziggs and Pool Party Ziggs and enjoy a 100% IP and XP boost for all players until after the beta is over!
Oceanic servers for the popular MOBA title have been underway for a few months now, with a number of forum posts confirming the existence of an Oceanic server in the works before it was officially revealed.

For those wanting a much lower ping then their American brethern, you can claim your summoner name and transfer to the Oceanic server by opening up the League of Legends client and selecting the in-game store. Once in there you'll find the "Other" tab which will provide further instructions. For a full rundown you can check out the Oceanic launch FAQ.

Alongside the Oceanic server announcement, Riot has also revealed the world's first official Oceanic tournament to help celebrate the local news. Those wanting to jump in and try their hand at becoming a pro can do so by checking out the official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:43pm 28/6/13
Best news since sliced bread
Posted 02:45pm 28/6/13
Just tested before, a lovely 20 ping. My god it is beautiful.
Posted 02:55pm 28/6/13
Gonna transfer when I get home... maybe play one game if I can bear it to test.
Posted 03:05pm 28/6/13
Well there goes my plans to finish Uncharted tonight. Great news!
Posted 04:06pm 28/6/13
there is a huge difference in moving, it's fantastic.
Nerf Lord
Posted 04:08pm 28/6/13
Meanwhile the SWTOR Oceanic servers are locked on new character creation and are a bit of a wasteland. :(
Posted 04:17pm 28/6/13
It's great, just played two games at 20ms, movement, skill shots, everything is perfect. Only problem, the shop is not working so spend you ip before you move over.
Posted 04:49pm 28/6/13
I have two words...

F*****g SEX.

That's all.

Also, Rominion, I believe that's just because they're beta-ing the server hardware. I don't think it's technically "live" for a little while.
Posted 04:59pm 28/6/13
Hahahha LoLf***. Finally getting what DoTA2 and HoN players have had for months.
Posted 05:39pm 28/6/13
DeadlyDav0 why the hate man? Ive played all, i started on dota, games progress, things get better, move with the times and don't discriminate. Stay frosty.
Posted 06:32pm 28/6/13
Im mad cause im bad.

Also, 1 week comm ban in DoTA2 :(
Posted 07:07pm 28/6/13
Im mad cause im bad.Also, 1 week comm ban in DoTA2 :(

Haha you poor bastard.

Watched you die to rosh the other night btw ;)
Posted 07:17pm 28/6/13
Hmm.. no ARAM or Domination on OC1 server?
Posted 07:40pm 28/6/13
Watched you die to rosh the other night btw ;)

Yeah, like 3 or 4 stuns in a row or something. Cant recall what exactly happened but i think i was desperate as we were fighting a losing battle.

Last time i got the comm ban for 48hrs i went to a spare dota2 account. F*** that was bad. Everybody picked carry, everybody wanted farm, nobody wanted to ward/support, stupid & unsafe plays. Id rather play comm banned that start a fresh account. Im getting pretty boss with all my chat hot keys for 'well played', 'careful' etc in preparation for the 1 month comm ban im sure ill eventually get.
Posted 10:31pm 28/6/13
I'm still yet to get a comm ban. GOOD MANNERS COST NOTHING DAV0! :P
Posted 10:57am 29/6/13
Rofl :( Bad luck man. Send some love out :P
Posted 11:25am 29/6/13
I dont have any hate for LoL. If it came out before HoN i probably would have played it but instead i played a f***tonne of HoN. I liked the grass feature but dunno about the lack of deny, as well as respawning rax but im not meta expert.

I just like lolling @ the LoLf*** as they seem to react.
Posted 01:12pm 29/6/13
Ickus, the server is only "beta" at the moment. I don't think it's officially live yet, they're just sorting out all the bugs and making sure everything will run smoothly before launching the store and other game modes (most likely, I'm not some official or anything)
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