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Post by Eorl @ 09:34am 26/06/13 | 4 Comments
After officially revealing the next addition to their flagship simulation racing series earlier last month, Sony has taken to their PlayStation Blog to outline just what the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 demo has to offer for racing fans next week.

Coming to PlayStation 3, the demo is "structured as a GT Academy-style driver training concept" where you will progressively learn how to drive these very expensive cars, and hopefully not scratch them.

The demo will take place in Silverstone, the spiritual home of GT Academy and apparently one of the brand new confirmed areas for Gran Turismo 6. For those lucky enough to live in the European regions, you'll also have a chance to go in the draw to race for real with Nissan, however sadly Australia isn't included in that category.

While we may not be in one of the eligible GT regions, the PlayStation Blog does outline that everyone will have the chance to unlock special bonus content once you have proved your skills and made the grade through the initial rounds.

For those looking for the demo, you'll find it going live next Tuesday, July 2nd, at 6PM AEST and will continue on until 31st August so you'll have plenty of time to race around the tracks breaking in the cars.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 26/6/13
im liking gt less and less with each release.

Learn how to drive a car... fckn give me the ability to upgrade cars and not have to go through 12 menus to do anything and it would b 1000x better
Posted 07:09pm 02/7/13
gt6 demo came out tonight!

downloading now from psn
Posted 05:52pm 04/7/13
Have picked up the Demo, It's not bad. Playing from the interior view you get a much better sense of body roll than I recall from GT5.

The physics [read: driving model] are somewhat improved, but for the most part are relatively characterless from what I've driven thus far (I've not been 'Colin McRae/Richard Burns/Ken Block'-ing it yet, but that'll flesh out its limitations in the near future) but it is improved over the previous installment.

I'm not sure where Polyphony got their idea for the menu rendering a good 10-15 seconds before it's usable from, but whoever came up with it needs to die in a fire.
I'd prefer the bloody screen to stay black until the game is good-to-go instead of sitting there like an r'tard mashing the d-pad trying to move the cursor waiting for the game 'to be ready'.
Posted 06:48pm 04/7/13
I'll throw it up in here but Battlefield 3 is free for Playstation plus members this month!

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