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Post by Eorl @ 09:12am 25/06/13 | 14 Comments
Powering a number of upcoming titles including the soon-to-be-released Battlefield 4, developer DICE has revealed a new video showcasing the many improvements their Frostbite 3 engine has over its previous versions.
The awe-inspiring power of the Frostbite 3 engine delivers the highest standard
of immersion in entertainment. An unmatched level of visual and audio fidelity,
superior character animations, and dynamic environments.

Simulating vast and aggressive battlefields with game-changing destructable elements, both natural and player-enabled.

Utilizing Emotion Capture, with unprecedented lighting and ambient physics, to depict living characters and environments that react dynamically.

Continuing to set the industry standard in ultra-immersive soundscapes, whether it's the explosive chaos of all-out warfare or a gentle breeze passing through the trees.
Offering a glorious sizzle reel full of Battlefield 4 gameplay from a number of the previous videos (including the multiplayer video at E3 2013), a number of DICE devs including creative director Frank Vitz give a good overview of just what to expect from this newly revised engine.

Those wanting more on what Frostbite 3 has to offer, you can swing by their new website detailing all the improvements coming. Check out the video below.

battlefield 4dicefrostbite 3
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:13pm 25/6/13
The uploader has not made this video available...FAIL, no surprise really...
Posted 07:41pm 25/6/13
Works fine here..

The engine does look awesome, loving all the waves and trees in the wind and s***. A lot of what they were talking about with physics and 'ocean combat' or whatever they called it looked really cool and sounded like it would make MP more interesting, but was only shown with SP footage, hopefully they actually take advantage of it in MP.

Would love to see them come up with some sort of interesting gametype for a (huge) entirely ocean-based map. Just carriers and other ships and all the jets, helicopters and guns/missiles that come with them. Might not be so popular on pubs on account of not really being able to sit behind a hill with a sniper rifle though.
Posted 07:38pm 25/6/13
ooo working now....looks good just hope it all works for pc
Posted 08:42pm 25/6/13
S*** that looks nice.
I hope it runs on an iMac ;)
Posted 10:39pm 25/6/13
does look great and really am looking forward to it's release but isn't this engine simply Frostbite 2 plus enhancements? (frostbite 2.5). I don't think it deserves a whole new number unless it's re-designed from the ground up for example BF2 to BF3. I think they should refer to it as 2.5 (maybe not the best from a marketing point of view?) and spend the next whateva years and make a new engine for the next BF game (hopefully BF2143) and call that Frostbite 3.. I don't want a new BF game every year, I hate that model and COD developers can diaf for that. Quality gentlemen, not quantity. Just my 2c.
Posted 08:12am 26/6/13
actually didnt BF3 used Frostbite 2.5 and Bad Company use 2.0??? I disagree martz its just new version of engine unreal engine changes every year...
Posted 09:05am 26/6/13
Bad Company was the first game to use Frostbite, then 1943/BC2 used Frostbite 1.5 and BF3 used Frostbite 2.0.

I get where you're coming from maRtz, it's more meaningful when version numbers only increment to the next integer for genuinely major releases (it bugged me when Firefox changed their versioning too), but in the end it's largely inconsequential.

...and I guess it makes version numbers more accessible to the non-techie masses (it certainly seems easier asking someone to tell you if they have Firefox version 20 or 21 installed rather than 3.5 or 3.6).
Posted 12:18pm 26/6/13
I think it's Frostbite 3 now not because of BF, but because of all the other games running on it now, so they've made lots of additions to it for NFS, C&C, Dragon Age and Fifa (I think), plus probably lots of others.
Posted 12:53pm 26/6/13
It looks good, Will look even better then BF2142 sequel comes around.
Posted 01:00pm 26/6/13
Actually enjoyed that. Will be buying bf4.
Posted 06:31pm 26/6/13
we can dream BladeRunner...ahh we can dream...
seriously though i would love 2143 or something to come out sooner rather than later but i think its way down the pipeline for dice atm
Posted 07:48pm 26/6/13
Personally I would love to see a proper full-on return to WW2 with the latest engine (as opposed to what 1943 was).

I always thought WW2 planes and vehicles lent themselves much better to the limited areas of Battlefield maps than modern ones do, and simpler/older weapons made for more interesting FPS battles.

I realise everyone stopped doing WW2 games because the theme was done to death, but surely modern warfare has been done even more to death now, so it'd definitely be nice to see some more 1942/2142.
Posted 09:11pm 26/6/13
I agree with Kos. Modern Settings and Zombie games are the new WW2 FPS. Luckily I can get some WW2 action at the moment with Rising Storm Red Orchestra addon. The next game Dice makes better be 1942/2142 sequel/remake or Ill....whine on their forums and cry in the corner.
Posted 01:21am 27/6/13
Red orchestra 3 with frostbite engine....yum
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