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Hotline Miami and Serious Sam publisher Devolver Digital has dropped a new teaser trailer for The Chaos Engine, although it's unclear as to whether it's destined to be a complete reboot, or just a HD remake of the acclaimed 1993 Bitmap Brothers top-down shooter. An overview summary on digital retailer getgames doesn't suggest anything in the way of new features, but does confirm that it's coming soon to Steam:
Sometime in the last century an experimenter with time, space and early computers created a bizarre time machine. Although primitive, the machine became incredibly powerful and turned against its creator. It's power to corrupt time and matter was out of control. A cloud of chaos descended over the land and humans and animals were turned into ravenous beasts.

Prepare for the dark world of The Chaos Engine, a steampunk Victorian age in which one or two players must battle the hostile creations of the Chaos Engine across four dynamic landscapes and take part in the ultimate battle of all time.

Enter six hard-nailed mercenaries each with their own unique weapons and skills. Those who have the strength and courage to overturn the Chaos Engine will be remembered.
The game is reportedly on show at this weekend's Rezzed expo in the UK, but reports of it have yet to surface from the event. Check out the teaser trailer below.

the chaos enginetrailerdevolver digital

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Posted 11:26am 24/6/13
Not sure where their problem has occured, but '' doesn't go anywhere :/

Cheers for the post regardless, I'm keen simply because it's Devolver digital!
Posted 12:49pm 24/6/13
Official website is .

You won't find much else there though.
Posted 08:37pm 24/6/13
Really loved the game on the MegaDrive, co-op was great.
If they mix things up and change core things from the original it won't really bother me that much. It wasn't as close to me as the Syndicate series.
Posted 12:36am 25/6/13
Oh hell yes! Loved this game on the SNES. One of my all time favorites.
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