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With three days left on the clock, and over two thirds of the way to their US$900K goal, the team behind the hopeful claymation adventure game at Pencil Test Studios have pledged a Wii U version if they're able to make it over the line by an additional $50,000.

According to a recent project update, Nintendo contacted them to discuss the possibility, and they've devised several ways to leverage the Wii U console's tablet controller in the gameplay mechanics.

Armikrog is considered a spiritual successor to the 1996 claymation adventure game The Neverhood, and the development team features the creators of The Neverhood and the iconic Earthworm Jim, and an experienced voice actor cast.

Development is targetting a DRM-free launch on PC, Mac, and Linux on July 2014, and a digital release on Wii U should it meet the new stretch goal.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more details, and to pledge your support.

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