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Post by Dan @ 06:45am 22/06/13 | 7 Comments
While it was just the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year here in Australian, in the far away lands of North, specifically Poland, it's currently the longest day of the year, and for its duration, online games distributor GOG.com has decided to go even larger on their #NoDRM gaming sale, letting loose all of the planned daily deals for 24 hours.
GOG.com has decided to help gamers celebrate that day with an uninterrupted fiesta of gaming by making the Longest Day of #NoDRM Gaming: from now until 12:59 PM GMT on 22 June 2013 they have more than 150 games--every daily deal in the 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale from now until the end of 5 July--85% off! The Longest Day of #NoDRM Gaming Sale has arrived on GOG!

Among the games available on sale there will be plenty of both immortal classics and hot new indies. To keep gamers occupied on such a long, long day the DRM-free Digital Distributor serves up scintillating deals on award-winning titles like perspective-shifting puzzle platformer FEZ (50% off, for $4.99), pixelated point-and-click robotic adventure Primordia, wilderness survival sandbox horror Don't Starve (33% off, for $9.99), challenging spacecraft command roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light (75% off, for $2.49), RPG Game of The Year 2011 dark fantasy masterpiece The Witcher 2 (70% off, for $5.99), and Dungeons & Dragons hall of fame members Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape: Torment (all 80% off).
The general #noDRM sale festitives are due to continue until July 5th 2013, but the flash sale of daily deals all at once only runs until 12:59 GMT, which equates to 9pm tonight (Saturday June 22) Australian Eastern, so head over to GOG.com for the goods


Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:39am 22/6/13
Was just about to post this. Some great deals on some old classics!
Posted 10:43am 22/6/13
And newer games. Don't Starve for $9.99

What's that game, it's above view, "strategic shooter"? simultaneous limited move multiplayer, and you have to plot out your movement through a building/office?

I saw a review that said it was good but don't know what i'm looking for.
Posted 10:50am 22/6/13
Posted 10:54am 22/6/13
Nah i think he means top down, not side on.

Frozen synapse maybe. its f*****g good.

The old swat games like swat 2.

Some good deals but wish i could add the games to steam. CBF tracking games thru a variety of programs/sites.
Posted 10:56am 22/6/13
yep Frozen Synapse, thanks. But Gunpoint looks good too

Posted 10:59am 22/6/13
Frozen synapse is good. Can play coop in campaign or online but it requires the code red expansion IIRC. Solo campaign is good. Online is pretty dead but is awesome if you have a mate or 2 to play against. Variety of game modes to keep things interesting, random maps, different units.

Gunpoint was good too. There is a demo on steam and its a small install.
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