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Post by Dan @ 01:37pm 21/06/13 | 1 Comments
Following yesterday's PAX Aus schedule announcement, we've now also discovered that the list of exhibitors and maps of the event's Melbourne Showgrounds layout have been published by way of the guidebook companion app.

Although a formal announcement has yet to be made by the event organisers, a map of the main expo hall (Hi-res source) features large booths from big players Nintendo, Ubisoft, and World of Tanks publisher Wargaming. Two of the larger booths look to be dedicated to single gamers, with Saints Row IV, and Danish indie title Johann Sebastian Joust. Total War: Rome II developer Creative Assembly has thier own booth, as does Aussie studio Half-brick. Mindscape, who distribute for Konami and and Tecmo Koei in Australia are also present.

Other stalwart survivors of local Australian games development look to be well represented with two pavilions marked for ANZ indies, several other smaller booths from individual studios, and the six titles selected for the PAX Aus indie showcase.

An assortment of hardware manufacturers are on the bill, including the likes of Alienware, Intel, Senheiser, Asus, Astro, Gigabyte, MSI, among others, and several specialty games-related retailers and associated manufacturers.

Intriguingly, two of the largest booths remain unannounced, with no hints yet as to who they might be. Electronic Arts is known to be attending in some capacity, with Dragon Age 3 developers from BioWare confirmed for a panel presentation, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll have booth space.

With new platforms to push, and a very competitive holiday season coming up, both Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation are notably absent, so could they be a possibility?

Overall, it's looking to be a very strong product line-up for the Penny Arcade Expo's first international outing, and it's shaping up to be one of, if not the most significant games event to be held in Australia.

PAX Aus 2013 will take place at the Melbourne Showgrounds, July 19-21. Tickets all three of the show's days sold out earlier this year.

The PAX 2013 guidebook app can be found over on guidebook.com, with tailored apps for Android, iOS, WP7, and Blackberry available.

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I was reading earlier about a certain controversial panel featuring Steve and Joaby among other notables. You guys!
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