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Post by Eorl @ 10:15am 21/06/13 | 1 Comments
Continuing their live content trend, ArenaNet has taken to their website to the reveal the next content update for their buy-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2, titled Sky Pirates of Tyria. Beginning on June 25, the new content will have you once again partnering up with Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard as you spearhead an investigation into the Lion's Arch murder.
Chaos has come to Lion’s Arch and the culprits responsible for the mayhem have holed up in their hideout! Inspector Ellen Kiel spearheaded the investigation into the murder, and she’s now gathering teams of deputies to capture the perpetrator. Better sharpen your weapons and skills—this criminal promises to be a slippery eel!
Alongside the mystery solving players will find the new Aetherblade Retreat story dungeon, which will have you trying to discover the secret entrance Aetherblade base and take the fight to these pesky pirates.

ArenaNet has also announced their third new Guild Wars novel, titled Sea of Sorrows by Ree Soesbee. To celebrate the novel Guild Wars 2 players will be gaining a permanent scavenge hunt that will retrace the steps of Cobiah Marriner, the novel's main protagonist. Twelve plaques have been set up to honor the history of the city and its founder but you can luckily find clues as to where these plaques are through the Sea of Sorrows novel.

Because ArenaNet knows just how much everyone loves jumping puzzles, a new Aetherblade “Not So Secret” jumping puzzle will also be introduced in this content update. Permanent to Tyria, the new puzzle features an Aetherblade airship hidden inside a holographic mountain – find your way in, fight with the pirates inside, and prove your prowess using a pair of hard-to-find diving goggles.

For the full run down of what is to come from this new live content update, check out the official website which also includes a number of rewards that will be handed out during the event.

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Posted 12:14pm 21/6/13
Pretty damn hype about this update, I love anything airship/sky pirate themed.

They can't do any worse then they did with Southsun, such a huge let down.
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