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Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have today announced that in preparation for their Dungeons & Dragons styled MMO Neverwinter launching in under 24 hours, the game will be receiving a new update ahead of the launch that will add in the Alchemy profession plus the new Gauntlgrym event.
  • Gauntlgrym is now available! Join or create a guild, have the leader ally with the Delzoun Explorers or Luskan Corsairs, and prepare to battle whenever the Iron Tabernacle, Armories of Moradin, and Delzoun Crypts events are active.

    Gauntlgrym's events last an hour and a half in total, separated into three half-hour events.
  • The Iron Tabernacle is a PvE-focused event. 40 players per map will be able to ally with others of their faction to forge weapons, armor mounts, and contribute toward their faction's war effort. When the phase ends, the team with the most points receives a bonus to defense at the start of the next phase. Access this location via the icon marked Gauntlgrym on the Overworld Map. Be prepared, though; the enemies are difficult and an allied guild is required for entry.

  • Armories of Moradin is a PvP-focused event, and Phase 2 of Gauntlgrym. Players may still access their faction's PvE map in the same way as before and contribute toward their team's objectives, but the heart of this phase is in PvP. Queue for the Gauntlgrym Battlegrounds PvP queue and lead your faction to glory in one of many 20v20 PvP Domination matches!

  • Delzoun Crypts is the event where your hard work pays off. Both factions gain access to the Fardelver's Crypt, a short dungeon with Tier 1 gear. The faction with the highest score after the first two phases also gains access to the Dwarf King's Crypt, a short, but very challenging dungeon that rewards the brave and bold with Tier 2 gear.
  • Alongside the new events being added to the game the new patch will also be bringing the Alchemy profession, allowing players to cook up a storm in the kitchen to supplement your supply of potions.

    The patch is schedule for 12AM AEST and the servers will be down for an estimated 90 minutes, but Cryptic Studios has warned it may be longer or shorter. Check out the full patch notes over here for more.

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