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Post by Eorl @ 10:47am 20/06/13 | 1 Comments
Hotline Miami developer Dennaton Games has revealed their second and final game in the top-down murder-sim series, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Speaking to Polygon at E3 2013, creator Dennis Wedin has stated that Wrong Number will conclude the story that started in the 80's neon-filled world, revealing that development for the title had actually started alongside the original.

"This is the end," Wedin said. "This is the grand finale for Hotline Miami. Everything will end with this game. We also tried to give that tone to the game as well. This is the theme for the whole game. It has that sadness. All good things end."

Taking off several years after the events of the first game concluded, Wrong Number will feature similar gameplay but will try to "tell the story in a different way," Wedin said. Players will find several characters will be usable this time around, and the story will have at least two factions available in the game, with more to be revealed closer to release. The first faction has been revealed as a group of people making a slasher film about the events of Hotline Miami.

Wrong Number has also been given a makeover to how the levels are played out, now called 'scenes' like those in a movie. The tutorial level will follow this slasher faction as they try to re-create the original plot, with the director popping out to scold the actors on their actions.
"It's a way of portraying the story for the first game in somebody else's eyes," Wedin said. "Some people saw the first game as a horror movie — [Jacket] was mentally ill, he was a psychopath. We wanted to, in a way, let someone else do his own version of it. The director gives enough twists to it and made it into this slasher B movie that some people saw it as."
The second faction was also revealed, called "the Fans" who don animal masks and roam the streets re-enacting the violence that Jacket was called upon through phone calls in the original game, beating up thugs to gain media attention.

"They kind of symbolize people that want Hotline Miami 2 to be exactly like Hotline Miami 1," Wedin said. "They have the masks and the phonecalls. It's pretty much the same. We tried ... to give the characters different motivations to why they kill. They're hardcore fans who take it too far."

Those worried about too many story details will be happy to know you can simply go abut your business without the need for paying attention, but for those who do pay attention will find a number of interesting details. "Wrong Number will also feature a new horde mode for additional difficulty, and players can expect much more detail and background story to each level, Wedin said. In one stage, for example, the bar downstairs acts as a front for a drug operation."
"People who just want to play a fun game don't have to take part in the story if they don't want to, but people who love stories and details can find a lot of that just by watching," Wedin said. "Since it's a sequel, we added more gore, more graphics and weapons and stuff like that. We're really trying to give each stage a personality and more backstory instead of just random apartments."
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is out in 2013 for PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out the teaser trailer and a handful of screenshots below.

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Posted 06:57pm 20/6/13
+1 am so keen.

Hotline Miami was one of those games I jumped in on because it was getting some positive press (and wasn't aimed at the 'angry birds' types) and it rocks!

The basic gameplay formula worked; but now he's got some work in-front of him to compile as awesome a soundtrack!
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