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Post by Eorl @ 01:23pm 14/06/13 | 1 Comments
The multiplayer side of upcoming hacking-central title Watch Dogs hasn't been the most well explained concept since its announcement at E3 2012, but luckily Ubisoft has us covered there.

Taking to their newly designed UbiBlog, communication manager Gary Steinman has revealed that Watch Dogs will conist of asymmetrical multiplayer that can allow players to drop in and out of games. When in a game, you'll be able to complete a number of tasks from simply being a voyeur to "griefing" a player by "ramming into them with a car when they’re trying to stop a crime."

Jumping into someone's game doesn't label you as "the other person" according to the blog post, instead the person hacking will appear as a random NPC on your screen, while on their screen they are the main protagonist, Aiden. Ubisoft has assured us that this method of representing a non-NPC isn't as confusing as it sounds, so hopefully this turns out true.

Obviously with the ability to naturally jump into someone's game with them being unaware does unsettle some players, but Ubisoft has reassured that these multiplayer aspects can be turned off. Conveniently they are turned off automatically when doing main and side-missions, to ensure the playthrough of main content is as uninterruptible as possible. Though from the sounds of this new multiplayer-style aspect it is definitely something you do not want to turn off.

Watch Dogs will be available November 21 on PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is expected to be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One around the time of their console launch.

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Really looking forward to this game, especially if GTA V doesn't come to PC
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