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Post by Dan @ 10:42am 14/06/13 | 3 Comments
Bethesda are showing both MachineGames' first person shooter franchise revival Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Tango Gameworks' Surivial Horror game The Evil Within at their E3 2013 booth, and a few publications have gotten a hold of some gameplay footage to go along with video interviews.

The Bethesda Blog has preview roundups for both Wolfenstein, and The Evil within, and video interviews with IGN, GameSpot, and Adam Sessler's Q&As in the Rev3 interviews offer the most insight, but it's PlayStation Blog that looks to have the most complete gameplay footage of the sections of each game being demonstrated --taking a live-feed from the show floor-- so check those two out, embedded below.

The Evil Within is slated for a 2014 launch on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation and PlayStation 4, and Wolfenstein: The New Order is due on the same platforms in Q4 2013.

bethesdatango gameworksmachinegamestrailerwolfenstein the new orderthe evil within
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:22pm 14/6/13
Wolfenstein looks chunky and slow, the Evil Within looks good at the end of that video there is a Batman Origins video as well.
Posted 10:55pm 14/6/13
Looks like any other FPS out, Cash grab ftw...
Posted 11:48pm 14/6/13
Yeah, Wolfenstein holds no interest for more, but Evil Within looks pretty sweet
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