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Post by Eorl @ 10:54am 13/06/13 | 8 Comments
After opening up their alpha phase to the world through an early access purchase, Bohemia Interactive has today announced that their military simulator ArmA 3 will be making its way to beta come June 25.

According to PC Gamer, the new additions to the beta phase include new arsenals and vehicles to test plus new scenarios that will offer a co-op and multi-team, wave-based defense scenarios. A new "Independent" faction that consists of military native to Altis and Stratis was also mentioned.

Steam Workshop support will also be getting a re-design for ArmA 3, with the ability to upload player-created missions to Steam Workshop through a direct integration in the ArmA 3 missions editor. Note though that this feature may not be available during the beta, but it is a confirmed feature for launch.

No official release date has been set yet for the release of ArmA 3, but you can now jump into the current alpha stage for a cheaper price of $32.99 on Steam, with the price expected to increase come beta and eventually launch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:42pm 13/6/13
Posted 02:20pm 13/6/13
Day before Origin, sweet.
Posted 06:13pm 13/6/13
go the blUES
Posted 06:21pm 13/6/13
Who do you guys play Arma with? I'd get it but with nobody to play with (all my friends play other s***) I'm hesitant.
Posted 06:57pm 13/6/13
Well I want to play with ShackTac but you have to be accepted. Do you have ARMA 3?
Posted 07:02pm 13/6/13
I've got arma3, but unfortunately I need a PC upgrade before I can realise the true potential
Posted 07:06pm 13/6/13
I just play with a grp of ppl I've been playing games with for years. Not part of any of the big gaming groups.
Posted 08:53pm 13/6/13
Well I want to play with ShackTac but you have to be accepted. Do you have ARMA 3?

Nah not yet, I'm considering it if I can find a decent community like ShackTac.
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