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During yesterday's very eventful PlayStation E3 Press Conference, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage took to the stage to introduce a new technology demo for the PlayStation 4, showcasing an impressive computer animated short, claimed to be rendered in real-time on Sony's new console.

Today, Sony has released the full 12 long minute short film, aptly titled The Dark Sorcerer: A Next Gen Comedy, and you can watch it in its entirety below.

Quantic Dream is the developer of PlayStation-exclusive games Heavy Rain, and the upcoming BEYOND: Two Souls, but this latest video (like the acclaimed Kara tech demo) is "a concept only and is not taken from a software title currently in development".

Cage goes into lengthy detail on the team's approach to creating The Dark Sorcerer in a post on the official:
After a particularly trying shoot (it’s hard work making people laugh…), the implementation period began and it was time to start playing with version 1.0 of our new PS4 engine.

Then came the first surprise: the graphic quality obtained with relatively little effort was a spectacular improvement on PS3. We obviously expected this, going from the tech specs, but it’s one thing comparing the number of polygons per second, and it’s quite another seeing it on the screen.

What surprised us first off was the global quality of the images. We are so used to seeing games in 720p (the standard on PS3) that we had forgotten how much Full HD (1080p) changes life. If we add an anti-aliasing HD, HD textures, a real 3D depth of field and of course an avalanche of polygons and lights, we get an idea of the emotion that PS4 can produce in any normally constituted computer graphics artist.

On PS4 everything looks great because the machine offers power that was totally inaccessible up until now. We can feel that we are closing in little by little on the kind of graphic quality we find in CG films.
Head over to PlayStation BlogPlayStation Blog for the full article.

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