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Post by Eorl @ 12:53pm 11/06/13 | 18 Comments
With the response of a very large round of applause and hooting, Sony has revealed that the consumer-restrictive DRM issues that Microsoft recently revealed will not be making their way to the PlayStation 4, allowing users to trade in their games freely and without restriction.
"We believe in the model that people embrace today with PlayStation 3, and continue to demand."

"PS4 disc-based games don't need to be connected online to play, or for any type of authentication."

"If you enjoy playing single-player games offline, PS4 won't require you to check in online periodically, and won't stop working if you haven't been authenticated within 24 hours."
Stay tuned for more details on what exactly the PlayStation 4 has in store for gamers and make sure you check out our Sony Press Conference round-up over here for more.

To help understand the difficult process of Sony's DRM features, a short video has been prepared below.

playstation 4drmused games

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Posted 01:02pm 11/6/13
Game set match, Microsoft.

Now, the only thing that might un-dig that grave is if the PS4 costs $999 lol. Though considering it's old PC hardware, I'm fairly sure it will probably line up in price to the XB1 pretty closely.
Posted 01:04pm 11/6/13
it's $399US so probably $500 here.
Posted 01:06pm 11/6/13
Was about to say "Your move MS". Still we are talking Sony, so the price point will probably be close to $800.
Posted 01:07pm 11/6/13
I would like to see microsoft bomb hard with this new xbox but watch it break sales records despite it being shady as f***.
Posted 01:08pm 11/6/13
Well, Sony just shat all over Microsoft.
Posted 01:10pm 11/6/13
xbox done
Posted 01:14pm 11/6/13
It is sad to see so much pro-PS4 stuff for offering stuff that we should expect as standard, simply because Microsoft have lowered the bar by so much.
Posted 01:17pm 11/6/13
and from what i just saw posted on facebook by sony pricing for the ps4 has been released and it destroys the xbox again
Posted 01:19pm 11/6/13
Posted 01:23pm 11/6/13
Really good news regarding DRM and pricepoint etc.

But Trog, you're dead on. The massive applause for being able to trade, lend etc is pretty ridiculous as its something that should be standard.

Posted 01:29pm 11/6/13
It is sad to see so much pro-PS4 stuff for offering stuff that we should expect as standard, simply because Microsoft have lowered the bar by so much.

and then everyone ignoring the fact that Sony have introduced a fee for online multiplayer.

A sad state of affairs.
Posted 01:39pm 11/6/13
Don't worry eski, I havn't ignored that.

It's pretty much single-handedly killed any excitement I had for buying a PS4.

Why would I buy a console and still have to pay for the 1-2 days a month I might spend in MP when I can just say "f*** it" and play my PC.
Posted 02:20pm 11/6/13
Very very interesting.... Will need to look a bit more at the games tonight, but given what was announced today I think the XboxOne is in a pretty poor position.
Posted 03:03pm 11/6/13
You need ps plus for multiplayer which will most likely include more than 2 free games a month totally worth it.
Posted 03:38pm 11/6/13
Tribal07, not if you don't care about those games or (as far more likely in my case) already own them on PC?

They're milking money because they can, I don't care if they're throwing in extra's to offset that.

The end is the same. I now have to get out my wallet when I get a sudden urge to play GT6 online for an hour or whatever.
Posted 04:42pm 11/6/13
I have about 10 games on ps3 that I have on pc, I have more games on PC than ps3 but I do like playing games on console as well, however I can see a lot of people not liking this but to each their own, all in all I have owned all consoles (except dreamcast, GameCube and wii u) and I can safely say consoles are more easier to use than some PC games.
But I guess the subscription doesn't bother me much cause its a small amount I must have wasted hundreds if not thousands on wow and rift too date so it really doesn't bother me much( although I have no active subs going on ATM).
Posted 07:06pm 11/6/13
People are forgetting Sony said DRM is up to publishers. Publishers who want to kill used game sales. I won't be surprised if new games on both consoles have one use only codes.
Posted 07:16pm 11/6/13
Something people apparently aren't able to grasp is that the issue with the sub isn't about the cost, it's about the fact that it SHOULDN'T cost.

It's money grubbing and it's a d*** move.
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