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Post by Dan @ 10:13am 11/06/13 | 9 Comments
The actual E3 Expo itself doesn't open its floors for two more days, but the pre-show press conferences have already generated a lot of news. The last big event for the day, is Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference, where they'll be telling us about all new things on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

We're expecting to finally get a look at what the physical PlayStation 4 console itself, and hopefully some pricing, and although Sony had a lot of new titles to show off at the PS4 reveal back in February, perhaps they still have a few surprises in store for us today.

Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference kicks off at 11:00AM AEST. Watch the video embed below for the full show, and click on through for our rolling summary of the event's major announcements.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:13am 11/6/13
it's been 12 mins and it still hasn't started :/
Posted 11:40am 11/6/13
wow the ps4 is tiny
Posted 11:41am 11/6/13
Seems like the next-gen are digging VCR looks.
Posted 12:18pm 11/6/13
kingdom hearts 3 and ff versus 13 rebranded as ff15. hell yes!
Posted 12:39pm 11/6/13

Seems like the next-gen are digging VCR looks.

Yeah, its pretty funny how similar the two boxes look.
Posted 12:43pm 11/6/13
massive cheers when they announced used game support

edit: yep sony just won. no online requirement at all.
Posted 12:57pm 11/6/13
destiny looks amazing. i wish it was coming to PC.
Posted 09:28pm 11/6/13
Personally i'm not a console fan, but i thought Sony put on a great show and this is what a game console should be. How Microsoft are going to convince gamers that their console is better beats me.
Posted 12:13am 12/6/13
I'm more of an XBox fan in this current generation, and I assumed things would continue the same way for the next generation, but I have to say so far the PS4 and the way Sony is handling their s*** is impressing me way way more.
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