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Post by Dan @ 07:30am 11/06/13 | 9 Comments
The third big event on the schedule for E3 2013 is Ubisoft's press conference. The European-headquartered publisher is always a big supporter of new console platforms, and has already announced a big slate of titles in the works for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but they almost always have a big surprise or two at E3.

Ubisoft's E3 2013 press conference kicks off at 8:00AM AEST. Watch the video embed below for the full show, and click on through for our rolling summary of the event's major announcements.

ubisoftuplaye3 2013trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 08:10am 11/6/13
seems the stream is getting hammered, barely works.
Posted 08:14am 11/6/13
yeah, the gamespot stream is working though.
Posted 08:38am 11/6/13
the crew looks pretty good.
Posted 09:16am 11/6/13
the division game looks amazing
Posted 09:17am 11/6/13
Tom Clancy's: The Division looks like it might be quite entertaining..
Posted 09:18am 11/6/13
yeah but it's a pity it's ps4 and xbone only.
Posted 09:24am 11/6/13
I really, really hope they just forgot to mention PC. That looked way too good to not be on PC.
Posted 11:41am 11/6/13
A Tom Clancy game not for PC? Im sure we will atleast get a dodgy port. Not a fan of third person shooters but if there was option for first person switching to third person for cover like vegas I'd be temtped.
Posted 12:30pm 11/6/13
Stick of Truth just needs to land, So long as it's relatively bug free; it looks like it'll be piss funny.

The Crew looks 'ok' except that in Australia their multiplayer model is likely to suck. (expecially if they segregate the marketplace/multiplayer as they have previously)

I dunno is The Division having a go at being a pseudo DayZ (minus the Zombies)? it looks like an interesting concept; but if it's dependant on Multiplayer being big; I think it's destined to tank in AU in much the same way 'the crew' will...

Watch Dogs looks to be the stand out from Ubi this time around; but that's all dependant on them nailing the gameplay (so that it matches the expectation of the trailers they've put out).
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