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Post by Eorl @ 07:08am 11/06/13 | 18 Comments
While a single-player demo was revealed earlier at Microsoft's press conference, DICE has unveiled a new multiplayer demo featuring 64 DICE employees battling it out against an enemy team on the very expansive "Siege of Shanghai" map.

Featuring the iconic weaponry and vehicles of the Battlefield series, DICE were very big on pushing the notion that players will be able to fight in the air, on land and on the water. New water vehicles were also introduced including jet skis and boats.

Destruction was also showcased through the usual chipping back at walls, however a player was also able to destroy an underground pillar holding up a roof, which then collapsed said roof pulling the tank above it down. Another instance of destruction was when a squad of players were holed up inside a sky scraper, with the building being chipped at by explosives. Eventually the players had to jump out as the building collapsed in, deploying their parachutes and watching it crumble to the ground.

Alongside the gameplay reveal DICE also showcased the re-imagined Commander Mode, allowing a player to instruct teammates towards victory through air strike calls and more. Check it out below.

battlefield 4commander modemultiplayerdemo
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:13pm 11/6/13
Looks identical to BF3 tbh..
Posted 12:16pm 11/6/13
Looks identical to BF3 tbh..

Yep =\ Same graphics, same feel same everything. And they say it's a new engine lol...
Posted 01:03pm 11/6/13
Theyre using a gamepad to show BF multiplayer.

Posted 03:07pm 11/6/13
Looks like battlefield 3 expansion pack.. but I'll still buy it... because f*** yeah battlefield.
Posted 03:13pm 11/6/13
Hmmmm that knife counter at end looked interesting.

I said this already ages ago but I knew this was gonna feel and look the same as bf3. This whole unveiling has been quite underwhelming. My clan mate though will be jizzing himself silly over commander mode.
Posted 03:20pm 11/6/13
Watching the on-stage demo was pretty awesome. From what I've seen, it looks to be a smart move by DICE in that they've taken what makes BF3 good, and kept it alongside improving what didn't. The destruction seems to be trippled in this one, especially that building and the subway structure.

Hopefully we'll see just how good it is come the beta and release.
Posted 03:31pm 11/6/13
yeah i loved the destruction at the subway that blocks the tank in.... soo good I really liked BF3 and it does look like they are keeping what was was good with BF3. I wasnt expecting a massive change but its still decent
Posted 07:32pm 11/6/13
Sweet, looks awesome. Loved BF3, can't wait for the next one!
Posted 08:11pm 11/6/13
Looks identical to BF3 tbh..
Yep =\ Same graphics, same feel same everything. And they say it's a new engine lol...

And? BF3 looked amazing graphics-wise and it still does, as does this.

It's complaints like these that have meant game companies focussing on graphics to the detriment of gameplay for the last 10+ years.
Posted 08:17pm 11/6/13
that commander mode looks f*****g awesome. cannot wait
Posted 09:28pm 11/6/13
ns2 meets bf3
Posted 09:47pm 11/6/13
Ill probably buy it. I would rather BF2142 sequel though. Maybe after BF4.
Posted 09:51pm 11/6/13
ns2 meets bf3

ermm... bf2 meets bf3
Posted 10:11pm 11/6/13
doom meets mario kart
Posted 10:28pm 11/6/13
Ugh, it s**** me off people who complain endlessly about bf3. It had it's faults, but it was a f*****g awesome game.

And people saying it's just like bf3... what the f*** do you want? New maps, Commander mode, new faction, jesus christ.
Posted 07:52am 12/6/13
or ns1 meets bf2?
Posted 09:24am 12/6/13
Even though I was s*** at BF3 I still enjoyed it, so I'll probably get this. That gameplay video looks so epic and makes me want to play, but as if a real game would play out like that, that guy would have been dead so many times over :p

The building collapsing was epic though, I wonder if thats a scripted event or something dynamic
Posted 11:01am 12/6/13
Could be like on caspian border how the tower falls over once a certain amount of tickets left in the game. that'd be sweeeeeet.
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