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ArenaNet has once again taken to their blog to outline just how exactly the MMO developer is planning on implementing a series of new mechanics and updates to the interserver world versus world mode in Guild Wars 2.

In a quite long and explanatory post, designer and the coordinator for the World vs. World team Devon Carver revealed that currently the PvP system is a bit too frustrating, with large groups of enemies (called zergs) are able to undo the tedious work of the more tactical players. To help combat this issue, Carver explains that the team will "continue to make tweaks to the scoring system to properly reward smart play and to make it possible for a server to prevail over superior numbers with superior tactics."
Our goal is to continue to encourage organized large groups while giving small, tactical groups the necessary tools to put a dent into larger mobs of less-skilled players. We think that it can be fun to run around in a zerg — but we also think that the game should be about tactical acumen and skill more than sheer numbers.
Another slice of the WvW pie is player roles, something that ArenaNet are planning on defining since adding in the commander role. Examples of these new roles include scouts, siege masters, and defenders that will help allocate work loads with ease, and ensure that one player can't mess up an entire battle plan.

You can check out Carver’s full blog post to see what other changes may be in store for the multiplayer battles, including a look at variety and siege warfare.

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