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Post by Eorl @ 12:08pm 06/06/13 | 5 Comments
Recently AusGamers was invited out to take a look at Zenimax Online's upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO, a title that has garnered hesitant reception from fans hoping that the series' well-known single-player elements have been kept intact.

Luckily, this seems to be the case with our own Steve Farrelly coming out from a hands-on preview feeling that TESO plays more like the single-player Elder Scrolls games we’ve all come to know and love. Specifically Skyrim. He also takes a look at just what Zenimax Online has in store for MMO players, including glimpses at exploration without guidelines, NPC interactions and the ability to starve Keeps in PvP as well as much, much more.

Check out our Elder Scrolls Online interview with Creative Director, Paul Sage.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:23pm 06/6/13
No mention on endgame whatsoever, worrying.

Completely understand what you mean about the drop in visual fidelity. Honestly I just don't like the armour designs. They could have taken the inspiration from previous TES games and really exaggerated them, giving them uniqueness or at least something even worthy of attention. Instead they sort of... under-exaggerated them if you get what i mean? Really just bland
Posted 01:22pm 06/6/13
Well considering we haven't yet seen endgame content, I doubt they'd show off their "tiers" or high-end armour. I'm going to presume that will be where all the over-the-top armour designs come from, to offer an incentive on doing the endgame content.
Posted 06:12pm 07/6/13
Looks good although I can't see myself playing an MMO.
Posted 01:13pm 08/6/13
Yeah i'd like to know what it offers over all other MMOs...

I don't want just another WoW.

Of course if it had a decent storyline that I could play co-op with my friend i'd give it a go.

If I could just get co-op skyrim i'd be very happy.

I hope there is open world PVP.
Posted 01:50pm 08/6/13
to offer an incentive on doing the endgame content

ah makes sense, I hope so!

I'm playing through skyrim atm to get the mages quest done, but I've modded it to hell and it crashes when I shout sometimes..
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