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Post by Eorl @ 10:31am 04/06/13 | 6 Comments
Indie studio Mojang has today revealed that their fantasy strategy title Scrolls (not to be confused with The Elder Scrolls) is now available for purchase in Open Beta form. Checking in at $20, the new card game offers players the chance to go toe-to-toe with their foes in a battle of parchment as they try to win (or sadly lose) on the battlefield.
Welcome to a world where the essence of conflict is stored on a parchment. You use the power of creatures, spells, and ancient machines to gain the edge in battle, deploying your forces by using scrolls: some rare, some common, some brutal, some tactical.

Over time, you'll develop a unique army and the skills to manipulate it. Eventually, you'll face off against other players, proving your might on the battlefield...
Those looking to purchase the game can find it on their store page, though you will need a free Mojang account to complete the transaction. Currently the servers look to be gaining quite a thrashing so actually purchasing the game may be hindered for some.

While you wait, a new guide was revealed earlier last week that gives a quick overview on just what Scrolls has to offer, which you can check out here.

Scrolls is available for both Windows and Mac.

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Posted 11:12am 04/6/13
Posted 12:36pm 04/6/13
Is it going to be like Minecraft where we are promised all these awesome features for the official release, but still haven't got them over a year later?
Posted 01:07pm 04/6/13
Close to buying this myself. Think i mentioned in the other thread ive enjoyed hero academy so this might appeal as well. $21USD compared to the $5 hero academy steam sale though.
Posted 01:50pm 04/6/13
Don't bother. I've played the alpha for a while and I honestly don't think it's worth it.
Posted 09:07am 05/6/13
Can you give more feedback eXemplar?
Posted 10:40am 05/6/13
Yeah, more details pls.

Im capped ATM so googling will take me years.
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