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We're only just over a week out from the worldwide launch of the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us, and developer Naughty Dog has decided the time is right to fill us in about the game's enigmatic multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately there's no neat and tidy walkthrough video explaining the multiplayer component yet, but there is a fresh round of detailed previews over several international games publications, including ShackNews, Videogamer, NowGamer, PushSquare, and TheSixthAxis.

Here's a few quotes to summarise things.

Tying into the single-player, The Last of Us' online offering sees you choose a clan and then join in the effort to stay alive in the game's post-apocalyptic world. In order to introduce a sense of tension, though, you're only given 12 in-game weeks to do this (each match corresponds to a single day).

It's not just as simple as shooting people in the face so you don't succumb to the worst fate possible, either. Above all else, securing and protecting supplies is imperative to the survival effort. These resources become yet more important as your group grows. While lodging a bullet between someone's eyes will help in your quest, so do assists, revives, crafting items and physically picking up supply drops, obviously. It expands further than this too: members of your posse can suffer from sickness or get mauled by a pack of infected between matches. Overcoming such obstacles requires you to engage in specific missions you'll be set in upcoming rounds, such as achieving a certain amount of melee kills or headshots.
The two game modes are Supply Raid and Survivors. Supply Raid sees players from each clan scavenging for supplies with a twenty-life limit, although anything crafted or bought is carried over if you die (assuming there are lives left). Survivors is more brutal: once you’re dead you’re dead until the end of the round, and there are seven rounds for each match.
Similarly to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, there’s plenty of room for expansion too. You can completely customise your character with masks, hats, and custom emblems, while loadouts can be personalised to your own individual playstyle. As you progress, you’ll unlock more loadout points, which will allow you to carry more efficient gear at once. Every item that you attach to your character has a weight, meaning that you can’t simply wander into battle with all of the best weapons in your backpack.
We walked away impressed by how well the survival action gameplay of the campaign translates in a competitive environment. However, with only two modes, we're concerned about the longevity of the game's online offerings.
Hit the thumbs below for some multiplayer-themed screenshots.

The Last of Us Launches on June 14 2013, exclusive to PlayStation 3.

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